Alan Sands Entertainment


Misty and I have our own Roaring 20's / Steampunk stylized performance space we can create - it is a space on the ground (not a raised stage) in front of our trailer and model T with lots of additional decor, or we can embellish another space/stage with our props.
steampunk trailer and model t 
The Full footprint of the trailer, car and space needed to perform in front is 40' wide X 20' deep, but we can be smaller (remove the car, remove the trailer, just use the props, etc.)
We offer three sets a day on weekends. Quite often we can only can do two sets a day on weekdays if the event is only open in the evenings.
Shows are 60-90 minutes. You can dictate if you want them shorter, or longer.
Alan also does a prop comedy magic act and can utilize his magic as a substitute for a hypnosis show if the audience is small, or use a magic trick or two to warm up the audience while more come and join the audience.
We bring a professional sound system (I was a broadcasting major and have quality, mid-sized equipment). We have multiple 1,000 watt speakers.
Others are welcome to use our performance space & sound system
Our mixers are only big enough for small acts and we carry limited microphones and microphone stands stands
However, microphones, wires and stands are cheap. For about $200 per microphone + wire + stand - they can be acquired.
We do not have our own lights currently. Once upon a time we had a small disco lighting system, but we are not sure what condition it is in. We have not unpacked it in years. We can discuss, if necessary. 
(2) Days = $1500 a day + $1 a mile if we bring the trailer and car ...
(3+ days) = $1,200 a day without trailer and car; $1,500 a day with trailer and car.
We will supply our own sound system anywhere we drive.
One dedicated 15-20 amp circuit is fine. I also have a generator.
Producer supplies lodging. 
Acts of God are what they are, and we get it. We lost 90+% of our 2020 bookings, and all we can do is say, "we are alive! YaY!" We understand that State and local ordinances may close the event partially or entirely. We ask you cover costs out of pocket for fuel if we arrive and the event is closed entirely or early. We will amicably decide on what is owed without mediation so it is a win/win. We are all in this together.