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Shelly Flex - Contortions and Hand Balancing


When you want the best - you want Shelly Flex. She is the trainer of her rivals - but none compare.


I’m always talking to my students, "have the confidence and body awareness to be able to do whatever you want, whenever they want, wherever you want."



"Whelp, gotta say… never done that before 😅

When @magnificentlefty asks you to stand on him as he lays on a #bedofnails you don’t just stand… you #handstand!"

"Usually, I’m talking about in the middle of the room, or maybe on the beach, or to show off in front of their friends or demonstrate in front of their students, but hey if you ever get the chance to handstand on top of a naked guy on a bed of nails, I don’t want you to have to let that opportunity pass you by! 😂"




Hand Balancing - 








Contortions - 

Turn the sound up and enjoy this golden oldie!

This was one of my favorite performances. The audience was my brother’s Boy Scout troop! A most enthusiastic audience!



Hand Balancing



Contortionist extraordinaire - and classy!


Shelly Flex is the trainer of her rivals. When only the best will do!
#HandBalancing and #Contortions #Contortioning

Based in the Washington, D.C. region - she performs and teaches.
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