Alan Sands Entertainment


From The Ukraine ...
We are the "Trampobrothers"

We have a lot of version and can easily change our style.
On a trampoline ..we can do everything !

Our cheerful collective has been together since 1998. We originally focused on a sports career. We participated in the European championships and were prize-winners in many different countries with sports successes on the world scene.

We wanted to go further - we collectively have a desire to remain on top and show the world our talents, as we had achieved in our sports career. 

We had a united ability to jump on trampolines and make people laugh, and this helped us evolve into the show we present today.

Our amazing athletic ability is only a part of what we have decided to embody in our show "The Trampobrothers." Adding humor and a bit of a fairytale story to the mix - we have become a comedy trampoline force in the Circus world market.

We have performed all across Europe and Asia for many years.

We want to present to you an unforgettable show that will remain in your memories a lifetime.

With love, yours Trampobrothers.


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