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The Underground Circus is Western Canada's only full time professional Circus Company. It was created by Peter Boulanger and Ninon Parent, two former Cirque Du Soleil acrobats, who were determined to create a West Coast style of circus.



They began teaching circus techniques to dancers and gymnasts, and soon had a small company. They were also lucky enough to find a few of the local acrobats, and with this talent, they had their circus.


What an absolutely GREAT show! Our Residents were thrilled! Every act was top notch and beyond our expectations! The performers are just a wonderful group of people to work with. Thank you, thank you!
Lola Borrego, Administrator, The Magnolia of Millbrae
201 Chadbourne Ave, Millbrae, CA. 94030

 This is "ALICE", an original acrobatic structure featured by The Underground Circus. Created by Peter Boulanger, it is a seven person team of flying, tumbling, comedy acrobats - second to no one.


Smooth transitions, strong choreography and acrobatic technique distinguishes this young troupe. The commitment to excellence, and ability to adapt their performances to difficult venues has made The Underground Circus a favorite in the Vancouver event community.



Acrobats Preston KellyPreston and Kelly are the newest members of the Tesseract Troupe of Performers.



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