Alan Sands Entertainment



ASE is a full-service talent agency with a 5-star reputation as a source for the best variety acts.
We have supplied the finest acts to:

  • Eight foreign countries
  • America’s largest fairs and exhibitions
  • Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies

We offer entertainers who draw crowds to your booth, performing custom scripts and material that incorporates your product.

At customer and employee appreciation parties, ASE offers the funniest show-stopping entertainers. We know hundreds of circus performers and cirque entertainers from the United States and Canada, and we are a leading source for variety, novelty, specialty, and vaudeville acts.

We do over 50 high school parties annual, fund-raising events, post-prom and grad night wing-dings. ASE knows what you need to make your high school event memorable, safe and virtually “un-toppable.”

Animal acts and attractions! We know dozens of exotic animal owners, from ridable and performing elephants and camels, 20-mule teams, pig races, petting zoos and pony rides, lions, monkeys, bears, etc. ASE has provided animals and circus acts for national commercials, movies and theatrical productions.

Alan Sands has produced hundreds of company picnics, corporate parties, and special events of every size for some of the largest companies in America, including IBM, Sun Microsystems, Apple, HP, and many more.

And ASE has provided entertainment for fairs, festivals and amusement parks on three continents.


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