Alan Sands Entertainment


Magicians come in many different flavors. From Large Illusionists that do full Las Vegas style production shows like David Copperfield with tigers and large animals, to parlor magicians that work in living rooms and comedy clubs, for holiday parties and social gatherings of all sizes; magical performers that do strolling close-up magic at your table where you are sitting, there are also mind readers, mentalists and magicians that do phenomenon magic. Magicians do escapes like Houdini, and comedy magicians can combine a number of these services into one fast-paced show. We represent the top magicians from Canada and across the USA as well as more affordable magicians for private backyard parties. Alan Sands is not only a life-long magician himself, but his father, George Sands, was a very famous magician's magician, and Alan knows most of the inner circle of magics cream de la creme' personally.