Alan Sands Entertainment


Hypnotist Alan Sands performs for High SchoolsIt is Febraury 1st and my Grad Night and Post Prom season is shaping up to be as good as any other year. I currently have 22 shows booked and confirmed and another 20 tentatives. States I will be performing in or I have other hypnotists covering shows for me that I can't do include North Dakota, Iowa, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Mississippi, New York, California, Texas, Florida and Washington.

Other than the High School Shows, I have shows for county fairs, fundraisers, corporate parties, colleges and club events also booked in North Carolina, Saskatchewan Canada and Idaho. I am already working in the same number of states and provinces as I did last year.

My busy season for high school late night, safe and sober parties begins the End of March and goes through the middle of June for High School events. Last year I even had one the end of June. I do a few other misc. shows for schools throughout the year. Last year I did 29 of my 32 high school shows all within this time period. In July I begin my fair season and that goes through October.

Company parties are concentrated around the holidays mostly, but there are awards banquests and it is hard to classify clubs, like Harley Davidson Clubs or Elks Clubs and those happen all year round as well. College shows for me don't have a season. A lot of hypnotists do a lot of College Orientations at the beginning of the school college semesters, but I have not been going after that market agressivley. College events for me happen all year round.

I am also going to Vancouver, BC Canada and doing a magic lecture and awards banquet the end of February for the Vancouver / Victoria Magic Club. I am excited about that because I have a lot of Canadian friends who live in that region, and I will get ot visit with them for a day or two.

Last year, I offered a mentorship program to hypnotists that wanted more advanced training in Stage Hypnosis, and I am offering this again this year. I will see how this goes. I want to take hypnotists with me that have not gotten a lot of exposure but need practice to polish their performances. when I do fairs, I have this opportunity to get them on stage, in front of quality audiences multiple times a day and help them season their shows. It really adds a lot of work to my day, but it makes me feel like I am giving back.

I have been able to schedule myself doing a few pick-up dates at restaurants and clubs while I am regionally performing. The clubs never have the money that the other events have, so I give them discounts on my performances while I am regional and do shows for their bars or restaurants. The crowds are small most of the time, but they fill in some dates for me.