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Hypnotherapy is excellent for breaking old patterns and encouraging healthy brain function.

13 May 2021

By Leah Larwood

Good sleep is essential for both our bodies and mind. However, sometimes life throws sleep curve balls our way, and when this happens, it can feel as though we’ve forgotten how to do one of the most natural things in the world.

Luckily, we all know how to fall asleep deep down; it’s a natural process; it’s just sometimes we need a little help to get back on track. Hypnotherapy is one helpful way to make sleep easier. It’s basically a helping hand for good sleep. It can often take you into what feels like a deep sleep meditation, and it’s super relaxing.

Hazel Gale is the resident Cognitive Hypnotherapist for Clementine app, a women’s hypnotherapy app with a mission to reduce stress, build confidence and improve the sleep of millions of women. She said, “My first ever experience of hypnotherapy was with a session designed for sleep some fifteen years ago. At that time, I was competing as a boxer. Racing thoughts about upcoming contests could keep me awake for hours, making quality sleep (the one thing I wanted more than anything else) really hard to come by. That is until I started listening to hypnotherapy recordings the last thing at night. The sessions I used back then were straightforward; they taught me how to relax my body and calm my mind. But the change this made to my wellness and performance was no small thing.”

“The Deep Sleep sessions we’re producing at the app help women to make a similar difference to their lives. But our aim is much bigger than simply getting people to sleep; we want them to feel calmer, more confident, and capable during the waking hours of the day, too. So, in addition to guidance for letting go of stress and tension, we also weave positive hypnotic suggestions into the recordings. These come in many forms, such as snippets of helpful stories, creative visualizations, and intriguing questions, which help you to rewire your unconscious mind for a healthier, more self-affirming perspective on life.”

Hypnosis is a natural state we all experience throughout the course of the day; it’s when we’re in a relaxed state, which is when our mind is more open and receptive to change. So hypnotherapy is really just a fancy term for changing our mindset during a relaxed state. It’s about being taken into a deep-enough hypnotic state of relaxation, with the help of an in-person therapist or a recorded session, who then passes on helpful messages to your subconscious mind that will affect positive change.

You see, the subconscious mind likes to please us, and it is there to help us, so if you can connect with it, which is easier than you might think, you are sitting on a goldmine of opportunity, just waiting to be untapped. Here are just a few reasons why using hypnotherapy to improve your sleep is such an effective approach.

Here are 7 other reasons why hypnotherapy can help with your sleep:

#1 Hypnotherapy reteaches us to relax: One of the most important ingredients for falling asleep and staying asleep is to have a relaxed body and a relaxed mind. Hypnotherapy is like a guided meditation, and the process involves being taken into a relaxed state. Perfect for easing into sleep! Plus, getting your mind and body into a relaxed state and feeling supported is an effective way to achieve a better sleep-wake cycle.

Hypnotherapy helps with sleep by interrupting the disturbing mental chatter that often occurs when we try to sleep. Through listening to a recording, you're listening to another conversation, meaning that you're not allowing your mind to go off on those disruptive spirals.

#2 There’s always a bonus: A good sleep hypnotherapist will also weave in other helpful suggestions that help you overcome some of the possible related causes of your sleep issues such as stress, anxiety, or confidence. So a hypnotherapy session for sleep can achieve more than one goal! It can leave you feeling calmer during the waking hours too.

#3 Promotes better sleep hygiene: Understanding what makes a good bedtime routine is an important factor in falling asleep and maintaining a healthy mind and body in general. Sleep hypnosis is great for getting a good night's sleep and increasing sleep quality and can also help to promote good sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene includes your sleeping environment and habits, and it can pave the way for higher-quality sleep and just better general health. Sleep hypnotherapy encourages and reinforces these good habits.

#4 It’s a pattern breaker: Hypnotherapy is excellent for breaking old patterns and encouraging healthy brain function. While we sleep, our brain strengthens our memories and reorganizes them. Sleep also impacts our ability to use language, sustain attention, understand what we are reading, and summarize what we are hearing. If we don’t get enough good sleep, it can impact our day-to-day performance, relationships, and mood. Hypnotherapy can help us break patterns of poor sleep and replace them with better patterns, making sleep more natural.

#5 Repetition can reinforce behavior: For some more than others, hypnotherapy can be beneficial. The great thing about using a hypnotherapy recording or hypnotherapy app is that you can re-listen to your session again and again before bed. That repetition can really reinforce the behavior. Over a relatively short time, this allows you to build up a better sleep routine, which has been proven to work and make a massive difference to overall health.

#6 Encourages me-time: Listening to hypnotherapy for a sleep session before bed offers a little pocket of time that’s all yours. It’s your time to pop your headphones on or stream your session via your bedside table while you luxuriate in this time set aside for you. It’s like having someone scoop you up and cradle you—your very own bedside therapist.

#7 It’s a breeze: Unlike approaches such as mindfulness, hypnotherapy for sleep is something you can see results in quickly, and it’s straightforward to do. In fact, you don’t need to do anything; you can lie back and allow yourself to be guided through the process. And don’t worry if you fall asleep during hypnosis; many experts agree that the hypnotic suggestions will still work, and well, let’s face it, if you’ve fallen asleep during a sleep session at bedtime, then it’s worked wonders.

Plus, if you start to fall asleep during a recording, you don't give yourself a chance to get panicked and go into fight or flight mode, which would stop you from sleeping. The relaxation elements of the session also mean that you are more likely to have improved quality of sleep by becoming more relaxed before you sleep, thus encouraging deeper sleep.

About Clementine
Clementine app’s sleep sessions use various relaxation tools, such as progressive relaxation, guided visualization, guided breathing, and hypnotic suggestions for calming the body and mind.

2021 - April 21st

A Texas State Bill that would prevent using hypnosis in criminal investigations sails through Texas Senate.

The legislation gained steam after The Dallas Morning News published a series exposing how Texas law enforcement officers continued to rely on the controversial investigative tool.

Texas State Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa (D-McAllen) meets with colleagues on the second day of the 87th Texas legislature on Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021, at the Texas State Capitol, in Austin, Texas. Hinojosa has authored a bill that would prohibit any statements made by crime victims or witnesses during a hypnosis session from being used in a criminal court.

Updated Wednesday, April 21, 2021, at 9:55 a.m. with more information about Texas Speaker Dade Phelan’s criminal justice priorities.

AUSTIN — The Texas Senate passed a bill Tuesday aimed at cracking down on the use of hypnosis in criminal cases.

Senate Bill 281 by Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, D-McAllen, passed the chamber unanimously. It now heads to the Texas House for further debate. It’s the first time this legislation has gotten traction in Texas. The bill would prohibit any statements made by crime victims or witnesses during a hypnosis session from being used in a criminal court.

The passage came the day before Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan included his chamber’s version of the hypnosis legislation among his criminal justice priorities.

“Meaningful criminal justice reform demands bold and innovative ideas, and the time for action is now,” Phelan, R-Beaumont, said in a statement Wednesday. “After years of over-incarceration, we now realize that a compassionate, common-sense approach to criminal justice can keep Texans safe, save lives, and save money.”

While Hinojosa has authored the bill before, the legislation gained renewed attention this year after The Dallas Morning News published a series exposing how police in Texas uses hypnosis to investigate crimes, despite scientific evidence that it can distort memory and lead to wrongful convictions.

After The News’ series, the Texas Department of Public Safety ended its 40-year hypnosis program and said it would shift to “more advanced interview and interrogation techniques that yield better results.”

In addition to making statements elicited under hypnosis inadmissible in court, Hinojosa said his bill would also ban any suspects' identifications made solely after a hypnosis session. However, it’s not clear whether the wording in the bill would achieve Hinojosa’s intent.

During an exchange between Hinojosa and Sen. Joan Huffman, he said statements made after hypnosis was, in fact, admissible.

“Any statements made before the actual hypnotic — hypnosis session are admissible, correct?” Huffman, R-Houston, asked.

“They are,” Hinojosa answered.

“And any statements made after it has concluded are admissible. Is that correct?” Huffman added.

“They’re admissible. That’s correct,” Hinojosa responded.

Huffman, a former prosecutor, and judge, also successfully amended the bill Tuesday to add that corroborating evidence investigators derived from those statements could be used against the accused while statements made under hypnosis would be inadmissible in court.

This means a victim who gave police new details about the crime while in a trancelike state would not be able to take the stand and testify about those statements. Still, the police could pursue leads based on that information, such as seeking out physical evidence like DNA or weapons.

Despite the many changes to his bill, Hinojosa said it is an important step toward cracking down on a problematic investigative practice.

“In the past, Texas has been a leader in reforming junk science. But lately, we’ve stalled on our progress,” Hinojosa said after the vote. With the passage of this bill, he said, we’re “picking up steam” again.

I will supply you posters for your event. Let me know how many you think you want or need. I usually recommend 30, but you tell me what you feel works best for you and your community. 
Posters are a tiny bit labor intensive to hang up. First you have to write DATE - TIME - PLACE - PRICE - SPONSOR - on all of them clearly and neatly (or I recommend you generate it on a computer, cut them out to fit the space and glue stick & also tape them on - it looks cleaner.) I also highly recommend when you do the graphics, you have a frame around the information you want them to read. It is a graphics thing that makes it stand out better.
...Then you have two people together hang them up - one person holds them up on the wall or window, the other person tapes them up. 
Three people together goes even smoother - 1st holds up poster, 2nd cuts or tears tape; 3rd person applies tape. (Tape can be difficult and moody to work with. One never has enough hands.)
TICKETS -- Do you have a local printer who might be willing to donate their resources to print the tickets? Avery Labels also sells a ticket on cardstock sheets you can print. If you print them this way (Avery labels) you will want a unique identifier on them - a wax seal (like they used on envelopes in the past) or an embossing of some sort.
 TWO PART TICKETS -- The tickets can have a tear off stub section that when removed makes the ticket worth a different value so advance tickets sold can be cheaper than at the door, or give them some type of bonus gift (a drink and or a snack, a second person free.) Tickets with the stub get the discount. Without the stub, no discount.
SELLING TICKETS -- Have students record radio advertisements for the community event. Ask a local radio station to run the ads for free as a Public Service Announcement. You can also do the same with graphics in the local newspaper.
ADVANCE TICKET DISCOUNTS -- I'm TOTALLY OK - with you offering "children free with an adult full price ticket" -- or -- pay one-price for advance sale tickets for one and/or two people per ticket.
• If offering 1 for 2, or children free - only do one offer or it gets confusing. 
• Give the people at the door the night of the event the leverage to accept any and all excuses regarding discounts the night of the show so there are no "unhappy customers."
TEXT advertising is also REALLY a VERY good way of reaching people. Gather people together either during school or after school and have them go through their phones texting a message getting the word out... Throw a pizza party to have them do this for you.
Remember to coach anyone helping with a really positive attitude and big smile. Positive energy is the greatest reward. Nothing negative. Everyone wins.
To mail small packages to Europe or Asia the postage is $24.50 USD.
I have put over 1500 hypnosis shows I have done since 2004 on Vimeo. I (1) rent or (2) sell individual copies and I (3) rent or (4) sell entire libraries of shows. NOTE: Since 2018, many of the shows include my girlfriend, Misty Knight, and I doing two-person shows.
NOTE: Different types of libraries repeat the same shows over and over again. (i.e., if you acquire the '2017 Library' and the 'High School Library' you will find all the high schools I did in 2017 in both libraries.)
The libraries I have created are available as annual collections:
They are also available by subject:
NOTE: This library includes the Glastonbury Festival 2018 & 2019
I have smaller libraries created for specific audiences where I have repeated their event year after year.
(8) Eight shows performed for East Rankin Academy in Mississippi -
175 shows performed for The Robeson County Fair, Lumberton, North Carolina --
NOTE: The Robeson County Fair group is one of the "craziest" groups. They are far more animated than the average group.
And I have a library for hypnosis students. I operate "The SandMan's Stage Hypnosis Bootcamp" for aspiring stage hypnotists. This library contains excerpts from shows, breaking down the different parts of a show, and I put in other people's shows as well as a few full length shows --


What a year! 2020 is behind me, and I have to say - it was not as bad as it could have been. I have many reasons why, but let me begin with the beginning of the year… Beginning in October 2019 through January 2020, Lisa and I did five fair conventions (Western Fairs Assoc., Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Oregon) and we had a bumper year of shows lining up for us. It was exciting to see so many gigs on the calendar.














Lisa and I started the year out doing really exciting events.

I did a solo show Jan. 10th in North Platte, NE for the Railroad Engineers Association.

North Platte has always been a town that has come through for me in the past. I used to think of it negatively - but then came to realize it was an oasis that was there for me with solutions.

Story #1: I was driving cross-country towing a trailer filled with inflatable games and the trailer was disintegrating behind me along the highway. The siding was peeling away. The ribs were showing as I finally got to N. Platte where I bought a new trailer and abandoned the old one.  I just sold that replacement trailer last month.

Story #2:  I purchased a used RV in Mississippi from a shady RV Dealership. The thing said it had 44,000 miles on it, but it was trouble from the moment we drove it off the lot. I spent $600 on repairs getting to Montana to do a fair. We made it there - did the fair and on the way home again the engine finally gave out in N. Platte. There were no U-Hauls or cars to rent in the town, but the dealership sold us an old Ford Station Wagon for $2,000 so we bought the car, filled it with all our belongings and made it home.

Returning to N. Platte in January and having a good show and no drama, was nice.

January 31st, Lisa and I did a show for AFLAC in San Jose, and it was a 5-star party, and the show went great.

The first week of February we did a show for a private Silicon Valley high school I never knew existed - another great show!

Immediately afterwards, we fly to Texas and we performed another great show in Houston for a gathering of Physicians where we had some real Texas BBQ.

In February, we went to Anchorage, Alaska and performed three shows - two at a local bar/saloon that, Thom Kyte, a past student of mine helped me arrange. We also did a great show for an AA convention called, "the All Alaska Round Up.". This was perhaps one of the best shows we have ever done. While we were there, a Native Alaskan shared with us reindeer meat, whale meat and other exotic meats his family can harvest - but non-native people cannot hunt legally.


Bowhead Whale Meat


Reindeer Meat (caribou)



Endless, breathtaking, Alaska scenery



these three pictures of scenery were taken



standing in the same spot



We returned home and then both attended Jeff McBride's School in Las Vegas. Lisa took a one-day class on Tarot, something she has been interested in forever; I took a six-day class on magic. It was great! Even an old dog can learn new tricks and I really did gain so much.

We went wine tasting in Escondido with George and Deb James in early March right before we flew off to our next gig in Canada.

Our next gig was in Banff, Canada for 250 employees of Alberta's Waste Water Department, We arrived early to enjoy the scenery - had dinner with two fair family friends Paul and Connie Isaac and as we are getting ready to go do our show we get a call in the room - POW - our show got cancelled! They paid us, and we left the next day. Lisa flew to my home in the SF Bay Area and I flew to North Dakota and did two more shows that weekend before the gig-famine hit.

Over the next few weeks we watched $73,000 worth of scheduled engagements cancel. Fairs, high schools, corporate events … all of them … POOF!

   I was hankering to go camping, so I made a reservation at the Big Basin Redwoods State Park near Santa Cruz for one night. It is California's oldest state park and the trees are mazing - they have educational trails and an outdoor theater with carved redwood log benches they built in the 30's. Lisa and I went down and went camping, hiked and and ... a few months later, the park and all theater, and benches, and educational trails were destroyed when the park had it's worst fire ever. Everywhere we hiked was scorched and destroyed.























Over the next few months, we did two house parties locally --- Lisa figured out how to entertain herself doing crafts - Amongst her many projects, she repainted my sister's swimming lady we keep in the back yard.


I began making sawdust, building things out of wood and doing little repairs I had been putting off. I have become an expert at building stereo cabinets, night stands and end tables of different types.

An oak TV Stand made for Judie Fatland & Jason Rariden.


A piece made for my office.


 A more artsy book case I built out of walnut. 15 glue-up panels.  I have since put urethane on it and I am adding steampunk embellishments.

 A charcuterie board made as a holiday present



This piece is really big! Made to fit games including Scrabble. This was also made from solid walnut and about nine large glue-up panels. Made for my sister Robin.


 Jewelry boxes - these were a challenge. I made two of them, but have not perfected the craft.

I made one for my daughter, Jessica and one for Lisa.



Lisa also taught hypnosis to a very wealthy gentleman in San Francisco. He wanted one-on-one lessons, and Lisa taught her entire one week program in four hours to the guy.


 Jessica, my daughter, was moving from one apartment to another in the Seattle area in July, so I took a trip and helped her with my giant van I bought last summer, 2019. It was great to see her. I am sure, if you are a parent, you understand. She requested two bookcase style end tables and I made her those for her new apartment.

Heading home from Jessica's home in Seattle, I visited Lassen Volcano National Park and camped for a few nights in the Lassen Forest. I am glad I went as it burned very badly shortly after that.


What really saved our sanity was a two day fair in Montana the first week of August that did not cancel. It was their 100th anniversary - the town has 480 people and they were going to have that fair! Lisa and I drove there, did multiple shows with one of our star stage hypnosis students, Frank Prince.

Afterwards, Lisa flew to Las Vegas to attend HypnoThoughts Live, a convention that usually has 1,000 attendees - but this year, only 200 showed up. Lisa has been going since it began, and she didn't want to miss it.


I forgot to mention, on the way to Montana we are towing this 20' trailer behind us with our model t inside and we decide to camp one night near Casper, Wyoming. We find a campsite using our technologies in the car and head to the campground ... long story short, it is on top of a mountain thousands of feet in the air and we towed the trailer up this switchback mountain to this really nice, secluded place one can imagine called . Coming home was far less dramatic and a lot easier on the engine - but a bit more vicious to the brakes - of the van.

Back to the timeline ...

I visited one of my best friends of 25 years at her home in Montana, Jeanne Thomas. I stayed with her for a week helping her on her 2.5 acres. We did gardening and simple household repairs, and drank a lot of wine and made dinner every night together. The big thing I did for her is she has an A-Frame house and glass windows that are really high. I stood on the top of a ladder and clean those windows for her. It was not something she could do herself and I was glad we did it, but I don't think I will do it again. … Meanwhile, another longtime friend, Alison Kenyon, showed up at Jeanne's with her brilliant 8-year old son. They were on a camping trek, visiting all the dinosaur museums throughout the region. It was great connecting with all of them again.

Leaving Jeanne and going to Idaho, I visited another performer friend; Juggler / Acrobat Sven Jorgenson, He is building his own home on land he purchased near the Grand Tetons. It gets down to -20 degrees where he is at, and he has to build walls that have a thermal barrier - it was interesting to see the double wall construction with a thermal gap between the walls so the cold does not carry through the solid structure. It was really beautiful there - his land is on a creek and in the woods with old-growth trees. He can't put in a septic because the water table is to high, so he has to build an above ground septic system and he is building everything as green as he can. I only stayed for three days because he has no bathroom. As I get older, I need a bathroom... But I did love camping there for two nights (maybe three, I forget).

My next stop was Ogden UT where I hung out with my very good friend, James Dayley. Lisa and I met James at HypnoThoughts in Las Vegas. He is another regular there. He and his wife, Penny, have a huge 5-bedroom house and they welcome us every time Lisa and I are driving through - which for the past few years has been quite often - his home has become a destination, really. Penny's family also have a cabin in a remote area of Utah and they have 4-wheelers they keep there to ride around on. James took me to the cabin and we stayed there for about three nights. We saw moose, deer, flocks of grouse, and beaver to name a few of the wild animals. The Internet was really bad. We had to ride the 4-wheelers 5 miles up the mountain to get reception. I cut the trip short because I had some work I felt I needed to do, so I left and headed home a lot earlier than I had originally planned... with nothing left on the books ... there was no reason to go home ... but my sister was telling me my mail was piling up ... and hopes of Covid ending ... well, home I went.

I got home and I get a call from one of my Burning Man Campmates, Bill Crayton. He invited Lisa and me to spend ten days at his family lake house in North Carolina with him and another camp mate, Jennifer Erickson.  Lisa and I did not go to The Glastonbury Festival in England this year and we had the Frequent Flyer Miles, so saying no … well, let's say it simply was not possible.

Little note here. Do not criticize my haircut in this picture. I decided to cut my own hair... with a trimmer ... and I created a bald spot and Lisa did her best to fry and fix the errors of my ways. Cutting my own hair is not one of my super powers ... apparently ...



September in North Carolina was really awesome. All we had to do was buy food. I think the whole trip cost about $500 when we were all done, and that was because we bought a lot of alcohol! The last day at the lake house, right before we left to head to the timeshare on Myrtle Beach, we took a walk down to the lake. A storm the night before had broken some tree branches and they were in the road. I was being a good guest and began moving them out of the road when Bill says, "I think those are Poison Oak!" That made for a few itchy days.

To top off the ten days at the lake house, Bill also gifted us seven days at his Myrtle Beach Timeshare. One of the highlights of the week on the beach was finding these tiny starfish - dozens of them under the pier.

Aside from those two adventures, I have not had a chance to do in the past and it was so much fun making sawdust. 



I also had time to customize the inside of my van.

I put in insulation and covered most of the walls and did it all in walnut or walnut stained plywood, built a large cabinet for the van, and made a sliding drawer 5' long and 4' wide under the bed so I don't have to climb under the bed to get things out.  It's all attached to 500 lb. drawer slides and works really well.

I am checking my FaceBook one day in October or November and a performer friend posts he has a bunch of steam punk crafting materials he has collected over 10 years and he is moving out of his warehouse. He asks if anyone wants it? I replied first. I tell him yes, and then I supply him packaging slips for FedEx ground. The next thing I know, I receive 5 boxes weighing over 250 lbs. total of "stuff." I can't begin to tell you what all is in here, but it is an amazing collection. It will take me years to use most of it.
Lisa's house in San Diego was not built with insulation and has single pane windows - her two boys decided it was time to repair/insulate one of the walls in the house. It is a big project tearing out the plaster; ripping up all the carpet in the living room. She wanted it done, but not exactly at this moment. To make a long story short, I went down there, helped finish the demolition, helped insulate the wall, replaced the wall with sheet rock, tape and mudded the walls, painted. She still doesn't have carpet replaced, but we acquired a large rug and it is doing a great job at the moment covering enough of the floor that she has a living room back. She also bought double pane windows and I helped a local contractor/friend of Lisa's install them.

Another friend, Fred Anderson, in SF, CA has a studio apartment and I helped him do some remodeling he needed to do - but only one days worth. I would probably have helped him more, but my van is huge and parking at his place is almost impossible. All is good, when doing those types of projects, help is help, ya know? I also was able to loan him some tools he needed to keep going.

I have a sister I barely remember. She was from one of my father's marriages when I was in pre-school. The marriage didn't last very long and produced one sister. Well, she passed away from Covid. I can now say the #TrumpVirus took one of my sisters. Two of my nieces were asking about our family tree and when I was reading the records I was sharing with them, the essay written by a relative 35 years ago shared that my great grand-mother died in the flu pandemic of 1918. These pandemics can hit home. They have struck my family, it appears.

And, life rolls on. The holidays were uneventful. The next excitement will be Georgia's Senate Election this week, and I am hoping with all my heart the nation can open up again safely as soon as possible.

I wish you all health, prosperity and hope we get to see each other again soon. If you are receiving this email, it is because I consider you someone I care about.



Alan & Lisa


Things I have learned:
People only remember the food if it is so, so exceptional ... or it was bad.
Only the first few people to enter the room see the decorations. After that, they enter and see the people blocking the decorations.
People come to events at their place of work or really close to their place of work or home. They do not travel over 15 miles out of their way regardless of the place - unless it is so exceptional, they simply refuse to miss it.
Extroverts have a good time everywhere they go.
A hosted bar is more popular in colder climates. People will drink even if they have to pay for it and fewer people abuse alcohol if they have to pay for the drinks. Spend the money on the entertainment, not the alcohol.
Have a sound system designed for the room, not the audience expected.
Quite often, it is cheaper Or the same price) to rent a DJ for the night, then it is to rent a sound system without a DJ.
Lights are necessary at night, or for a theatrical experience. Comedy acts do not need theatrical lighting.
A stage is good if the audience is over 50-60 people in size so everyone can see, if it is a visual performance. However, a stage too small is more of a hinderance than no stage at all, and people who want to see, will stand on chairs if necessary.

DEPOSITS - How I treat them during Covid

Due to Covid, people are cancelling a lot of events. In 2020, I refunded over 20 deposits I had received before Covid became a reality. The following will explain my refund policy:
You will NOT lose your deposit. All deposits are refunded if the event is cancelled. We are all in this boat together.
If I buy a plane ticket, and they do not refund the price but only credit the price back to me, then that portion of the deposit will be refunded when I use that credit.
I had a show scheduled for 12/12/20 - they cancelled one week before the show.
I had paid $283 for the plane ticket on American Airlines and I rented a car to get from the airport to the gig and back to the airport. I was able to cancel the car rental with no penalty.
The plane ticket - the airline gave me a credit I can use by December 31st, 2021.
The deposit I requested and received from the client was $600 so:
I refunded $300 (rounding it off to make it easier to remember) and I told the client, "when I use the credit with American Airlines, I will then send you the other $300" knowing that someone else will send me a deposit of $600 for their show/gig and I will use the credit at that time. From the second party's deposit, I will refund the balance.
I don't hold people's money ransom. I hate when companies like airlines do this to me, and I will not do it to others. We are all in this boat together.
I have a simple moral/ethic I live by, "I treat everyone the way I wish they would treat my daughter."
Therefore, your ENTIRE deposit is refundable, eventually. Just not as quickly as you might wish.
OPTION #2: If you ask me to give you a credit towards a later date, I can and would do that also AND there would be no expiration date on that credit.
Thank you for asking :-)

A shortlist of fundraising ideas. Many of them I have witnessed and were very successful.

  • Cow Plop Contest - A field is divided into a grid, like a giant bingo board. People buy a square. You place a cow in the field and where it poops is the winner. This takes a bit of organizing since someone has to keep track of the sales, grid the field and get a cow to the location. Usually done in conjunction with a popular sporting event at the school. WARNING: It can also take hours for the cow to poop.
  • Serve a meal - cheap or expensive. Expensive meals make more money but are harder to deal with (Prime Rib, Crab Feed). Cheap can be pancakes or pasta & salad.

Crab Feeds, in my experience, make the most money - especially in California. People will pay the highest dollars for seafood. Steaks have been the second most successful, especially in Beef Country. Chicken, pancakes & pasta all come in last. For the Crab Feed, you must have a good chef. 

  • Pancake Breakfasts is an easy one, but you need many griddles and lots of electricity.
  • When you have dinner, have an auction and raffle at the same time. Have both a silent auction and items sold in a public auction. Successful business owners or managers like to be recognized for the donations they make when items are raffled off in a public auction. If you also have entertainment at this event, it makes it the most successful.
  • Steaks cooked on pitchforks on an open fire - I have not seen it, only heard about it.
  • Penny Socials - People donate 100 "Yard Sale-like" items ~ and they are displayed on tables around the room with a box or bowl in front of each item. People pay a $ amount to come to the event, and they get a limited number of tickets with the admission. They can also purchase more tickets. People walk around and put 1/2 of the double raffle-style ticket into the bowls or boxes in front of the items they want to win. Items are drawn throughout the evening. Don't wait till the end to draw all 100 items. Let people win as the night goes on. Both children and adults love these and people buy extra tickets. You give them 10 tickets with admission as seed tickets, then sell them more tickets. Items can be raffled in groups, also.
  • Take 5-gallon Water Cooler Jugs and place them outside school classrooms. People drop their change into the jugs. You put Pennies in your own jug and silver in other people's jugs. Pennies count as positive; silver makes them subtract that amount from the pennies collected. (i.e., a jug is counted and it has 200 pennies, but you find a quarter, nickel and dime in the jug, so the tally is $2.00 minus 25¢, minus 10¢, minus 5¢ = $1.60 total) This is a contest to see who can get the highest total count in their water jugs over a given time period. The winning group gets a pizza party.
  • Collecting old electronics and charging people to deliver them to a recycling place is also lucrative. I have paid to have old TVs, Computers, Printers, Toaster Ovens, and microwaves collected for recycling at one of these fundraisers. It takes a small staff, with a large truck or trailer to move the collected items.

 Text Marketing - very underrated. Whatever you are doing, having students sit and text as a group, all the numbers in their phones, advertising any event is the way to go.

  • January - April is a perfect time to do shredding of tax docs fundraiser. Weigh the boxes of papers and charge by the lb. to shred the docs. Have students there shredding them using shredders. (Have oil to lube the shredders). Then take the shredded docs to a recycling facility. You will need cardboard boxes, trash bags, and trash pails to transport the shredded papers. Filling the pails, boxes and bags must be done somewhere there is no wind, and you can vacuum up afterward. Renting a U-Haul Box truck for this works great!

Always have a Raffle - have five prizes to raffle off as door prizes no matter your fundraiser. This won't make you more but makes the event more exciting. Everyone likes raffles, even the wealthy.

A pail of booze and alcohol will always make you money as an auction item.

If you invite me to do your fundraiser, I am happy to mail you as many posters as you'd like advertising the show.
Invite a local children's community dance studio to perform as the opening act for me to grandma & grandpa at the event.
On this page, you will find the recording you are looking for on Vimeo:
I have put over 1500 hypnosis shows I have done since 2004 on Vimeo. I (1) rent or (2) sell individual copies and I (3) rent or (4) sell entire libraries of shows. NOTE: Since 2018, many of the shows include my girlfriend, Misty Knight, and I doing two-person shows.
NOTE: Different types of libraries repeat the same shows over and over again. (i.e., if you acquire the '2017 Library' and the 'High School Library' you will find all the high schools I did in 2017 in both libraries.)
Videos by annual collections:
Videos available by subject:
NOTE: This library includes the Glastonbury Festival 2018 & 2019
We run "The SandMan's Stage Hypnosis Bootcamp" for aspiring stage hypnotists.
This collection contains excerpts from shows, breaking down the different parts of a show. I put in other people's shows as well as a few full length shows --



You should wait until next year.
Let another season pass you by.
Everyone else is making thousands of dollars this Post Prom & Grad Night season;
Fairs are already booked for 2019
Why would you want to learn how to do stage hypnosis shows this year?
Wait to learn it next year.
Then make money in 2021.
Is that what you are thinking?

Are you really going to let another year pass you by?

I will tell you the truth. I won't make you promises to sell you something that isn't true.

FACT: I  have trained 31 people since 2013 in nine bootcamps. EVERYONE of them are listed on the web site with their email addresses -
FACT: More than half of them now make five-figure incomes doing stage hypnosis shows.
Some part-time. Others full-time.
FACT: I have given shows to seven of my students and they have made more than the cost of this training back from me alone!


Truth - this is not going to be easy...

You will do five shows in five days, by yourself, solo.
We have now have also created an additional "inductions training" for those of you who want/need a bit more education before you walk on stage.

The people you will hypnotize and do shows for have probably never seen or been in a hypnosis show and have probably never been hypnotized. This isn't a classroom training where you hypnotize the same group of student hypno-junkies over n' over. This is in the field. It's live. It's real!


We give you unconditional, personal support. Two very experienced trainers are with you at all times.

• If you were going to be an actor, you'd take acting classes.
• If you are putting on a play, you'd want a director.
• All performers need training and trainers that know more than they do.
We coach you and offer subtle suggestions that make all the difference.

Regardless, you know more than everyone in your audience, and they will accept you as an authority.

You will be successful, and when you leave Boot Camp, you will be able to say, "YES, I CAN!"


Happy to help.

Still have questions? Want to talk? Call us. We are always available to answer your questions.
(800) 892-2287
Email us at
We are extending the deadline for early bird discounts until the end of this month.
 Until June 1st, you can still get the Early Bird Discounts.
Can't stay the whole seven days? Talk to us. We can get you through quicker.
(You'll do more shows per day, but still do five shows while with us.)