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Jodi works in many mediums. She does a lot of caricatures on Silk Fans. Jodi dresses in a blue Chinese dress, blue & white china-doll wig & crazy white feather headpiece. She calls it "Asian Fusion Fantasy" or "an over-the-top Asian Artist Ensemble". Regardless of what it's called, it will add a spice of class and color to your event. She can also dress up as an egg roll, but you have to supply the costume.




These examples are classic caricatures drawn with marker on paper.




Digital caricatures and cartoons combine computer art with technology to bring an exciting entertainment experience to your trade show, corporate event or special occasion party. Caricature Portraits are drawn on a computer/tablet hybrid while guests observe the live action on a color monitor. Jodi provides immediate color prints at the event but later the digital caricatures are displayed online for free downloading and sharing on Facebook, emailing, or printing additional copies. Branding adds advertising value to the entertainment: your corporate logo, Trade Show Slogan or other customization is included on the border of the digital sketches.



Jodi Carr is based in The San Francisco Bay Area and works throughout Northern California including San Francisco and San Jose, California and is available nationwide for trade shows.


These are examples of Jodi's Face painting.




Temporary Tattoo body art is becoming more and more popular. Mehndi, we call henna in the west, is achieved by drawing on the skin with a green paste made from crushed henna leaves.



The paste is allowed to dry & remain on the skin for 1-2 hours. When it is removed there will be a light orange stain on the skin. That light orange will oxidize and become darker over the next two days until it is a rich red-brown shade and it will last 7 to 10 days fading gradually. Jodi's all natural & nice smelling henna includes henna, lemon juice, cadjuput oil and lavender oil. All of the henna designs in the photos are by Jodi Carr.



Photo Booths are great for grad nights, post proms, corporate events, colleges or company picnics. They come with crazy props, unlimited pictures and an attendant.




And last, we find Alan's personal favorite.

Silhouette Portraits

The silhouettes are mounted on heavy card stock preprinted with a gold oval frame. Jodi write's the guest's name in calligraphy to complete the presentation. Custom backgrounds are available.


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