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Dr. Von Houligan's Carnival of Calamities is performing at the Great Star!!

February 4-27, Thursday, Friday and Saturday each weekend.


Our Cast of Performers have been featured at The Edinburgh International Fringe Festival and Canada's Largest Casinos


They are award winning performers from across Canada and Great Britain, Las Vegas, The Pacific National Exhibition and together hold over a dozen Guinness World Records

Bringing Comedy, Magic, Juggling, Side Show and Burlesque together into a show second to none!

They are international talents that are unique in themselves combined into a variety show experience like no other.

We perform shows that are family friendly or burlesque

Dr. Von Houligan's Carnival of Calamities is a show stopping, crowd attracting, one-of-a-kind variety show that can be tailored to fit your venue or event.

Utilizing our intimate 250 seat, state-of-the-art circus tent that includes stage lights and sound or on your stage, this show may be equaled, but never beat!

Meet the cast of "Dr. Von Houligan's Carnival of Calamities"


Allister Judith Bonnie


Allister Derek Denton & Judith Marie Reitan

They are our ring masters. They will guild you through the Performance and their personal talents include juggling, equilibrial stunts, fire eating & breathing.

Bonnie Anderson Clown


Bonnie Mae Anderson is Oma Muffin the Clown

She is our meet and greet hostess making everyone feel at home.

Burnaby Q Orbax


Monsters of Schlock: 

The ‘Canadian Madmen’ and 22 time Guinness World Record breakers have performed throughout Europe and Canada blowing minds with incredible stunts of human endurance and making them laugh like they have never laughed before!

Winners of Entertainer of the Year at the Pacific National Exhibition since 2008 - they will make our show a winner at your event every time!

Brian Glow International Illusionist


Brian Glow: Illusionist and Comedy Magician

Brian’s incredible large scale illusions and escapes bewilder and baffle on a scale that beguiles’ the imagination.

His incredible feats have been witnessed in 43 countries from Arenas to Concert Halls.


Richard Cole


Jesse Lewis Storoschuk and Richard Douglas Cole

Our Comedy Stage Hypnotist, they are Wizards of the Mind making the audience into the stars of the show. Individual Credits are endless.

Individually or working together, they will make you laugh till your sides hurt!

Miss Behave-Prudence-Upton


Ms. Amy Saunders & Harry Christopher Clayton-Wright

Amy is a Global Award Winner as Miss Behavewith glamorous assistant - youtube sensation, Christopher Harry Clayton-Wright bringing the show kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Miss Behave starred in US hit 'Absinthe', has appeared on the Tonight Show and holds the Guinness World Record for Female sword swallowing.


Traditions Dr. Von Houligan's Carnival of Calamities follows:

Since the 1820's, Bar Rooms and Western Saloons began producing variety shows to attract customers. Vaudeville Theaters expanded on these variety shows making them more family friendly and attracting talents from singers, dancers, comedians along with variety, novelty and specialty acts that were more acceptable for general audiences.

Television developed shows like Ed Sullivan, The Smother's Brothers, Lawrence Welk, Dina Shore, Johnny Carson … the list goes on and on.

Today, variety acts are popular in Las Vegas and other casinos, at county and state fairs, for holiday parties and at conventions, in universities and colleges and still on television.

Dr. Von Houligan's Carnival of Calamities is a collection of unique, top-shelf entertainers who have performed together all across Canada and England with personal credits that reach around the globe.


We can design a show for you:

With two or three acts, or all eleven of our performers, we know your show will be a hit with every type of audience whether children & families, or pushing it to the edge.


Our New Tent:

We have a new 250 seat tent with stage, lights and sound - or we can use your stage. Either way, we are low-maintenance, high-impact entertainment you can only equal but never beat.