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I began doing hypnosis in High School. Then in 1992, I started performing hypnosis shows professionally for a wide variety of different events all across the United States and Canada.

My show is fast-paced, set to 44 music cues and very comedy oriented. I work well with a wide variety of audiences and am a "clean act." I do not do comedy clubs or a naughty show, but I do tell a few double entendres that are understood by teenagers, If you are ok with "Epcot Center clean" but not "Magic Kingdom Clean", then I am perfect for your event. If you insist on "Church Clean" let me know. I can leave out my five innuendoes that might offend the conservatives in the group.

Each one of the markets I pursue has a page you can read and explore. Just click on the link below. Also you will find information below to help you understand the logistics of booking a hypnotist, dealing with entertainment contracts and you will find my 16-page booklet as a PDF download. I can also send you a copy of my brochure with a free DVD. Just ask.

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I look forward to working with you for your fair, festival, amusement park, college, university, corporate event or private party.





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