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Wanna powerful, clean, comedy stage hypnosis show for a College Orientation or Comedy Night? Need one that pushes the edge just enough to make young adults laugh 'til they cry!? You found him!

College Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands takes college students on a wild, fast-paced comedy adventure that you’re gonna talk about for years—and never forget! A stage hypnosis show by Alan Sands combines comedy, improvisation, and hypnosis routines suitable for all audiences and ages. But we like to say he’s “Rated PG 12½!”


“Our students are still talking about Alan’s show—two years later!”
Jason Umfress, Assistant to V.P. for Student Affairs
Delta State University, Cleveland, MS
(Alan repeated this college 13 times!)

Alan’s comedy stage hypnosis exhibition for schools skillfully blends audience participation, situation comedy, a lot of improvisation, and a tiny touch of spiritualism, with sophisticated routines that are educational, ’funny ha-ha’, and downright beyond belief — all together in one very fast-paced stage hypnosis show!

Alan’s hypnosis show was first honed at Stanford University RUSH recruiting parties. This comedy hypnosis show has been polished and perfected to keep college and university audiences wanting him back, year after year.

Shows range from one to two hours, averaging 90 minutes. Alan’s list of colleges nationwide number around 100 separate schools—some have used him for multiple years in a row!


“It was a pleasure having you return this year. Students
are already asking if you will be back next year...”
Coiry Larnack, Coordinator of Student Activities
Penn State University, Lehigh Valley
(Alan did 20 events for Penn State campuses over two years)

Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands is “The SandMan.” He takes volunteers on a “vacation of the mind.” His hypnosis show uses 12-20 volunteers. Only an individuals imagination limits his or her experience under hypnosis.

At the same time, Alan leaves the audience feeling educated, entertained and enlightened as he takes the “stars of the show” through a series of original and classic routines that explore the Magic of the mind while they will will also “BLOW YOUR MIND.”

From the adrenaline rush of a seat in the world’s biggest roller coaster and bungee jumping to the comedy interaction of screaming in different languages ... each volunteer responds in their own unique manner. Volunteers explore the extremes of their senses; hot to cold, side-splitting laughter and heart-wrenching sorrow, itching feet, puppy love, and volunteers get to “dance like no one is watching.”

The audience will witness the amazing, limitless powers of the human mind as it overcomes pain and demonstrates feats of strength that will bring all to their feet in total astonishment! Ask for Alan Sands’ FREE DVD DEMO and see for yourself!



schools bluesuit 160hTHE WOW FACTOR

Without a doubt, the theme of Alan Sands’ comedy hypnosis show is comedy! Alan takes his audience and stage volunteers to the edge—but no one ever comes too close to crossing it. His performances are always presented in the most excellent taste. “My father taught me,” says Alan, ”that anyone can tell a dirty joke and get a laugh. But those who can tell clean jokes and get laughs are true comedians.” Taking this to heart, Alan has become a master at making his audience laugh so hard they cry!


“...two hours of non-stop laughter! ...It was the
funniest show most of us have ever seen...”
Elizabeth Duncan, Staff Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs
Eastern Oklahoma State College
(Alan returned to EOSC four years)

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The SandMan repeats the majority of his clients. You will understand why when you witness his fun and fast-paced exhibition of the power of the mind.

Alan’s greatest talent is to make all audiences comfortable with his humor, to keep them laughing, and to leave them wanting more. This comedy hypnotist has studied clinical hypnotherapy and Gestalt Therapy, and Alan is able to weave into his act subtle messages that help people feel great about themselves and boost their self-esteem. Volunteers feel special for days after the show, and why not? Alan says, “I treat everyone the way I want others to treat my daughter!”

Talent, showmanship, audience participation, and a distinctive sense of humor guarantee a successful show wherever Alan Sands performs and makes him number one, the top in his field.