Alan Sands Entertainment



Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands is The SandMan, for Fairs, Festivals, and Amusement Parks



Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands skillfully blends audience participation with situation comedy. With hundreds of credits for fair, festival and amusement park audiences? Look no further!

The SandMan takes his volunteers on a “vacation of the mind.” His side-splitting stage hypnosis exhibition uses 12 volunteers and lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Only the imagination of volunteers limits their experience. Plus+ audiences are left feeling educated, entertained, and enlightened—it’s EduTainment!


“Your fan mail keeps pouring in...”
Joe Lawton, Manager, Alaska State Fair


“The pavilion was packed and our patrons loved it! It really kept the audience intrigued and kept them coming back for more.”
Joe Saputo, Manager, Illinois State Fair
“We are still getting great reviews on your shows. You left a great impression!”
Derk Hatch, GM, Uintah Co Western Park, Vernal, UT




With over 250 fair credits, dozens of festivals, and repeat performances for Lagoon Amusement Park, Alan has returned to some fairs over a dozen years in a row! The underlying theme of the SandMan’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is — well, comedy! Alan will bring out the emotion from an audience. He is a master at taking them to the edge, but they never feel like he is going to cross it. His performances are always presented in excellent taste.


"Our most popular attraction remains Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands..."
Canyon County Fair, Caldwell, ID

It’s hard to explain why this hypnotist outdraws grandstand shows and all other attractions in the same price range, but you will easily understand why once you witness this exhibition of the "power of the mind."

Since 1985 Alan Sands has toured the USA, Canada, and seven other countries delighting his audiences at more than 250 state and county agricultural fairs, expos, festivals and amusement parks throughout 46 U.S. states, Canada, China, Malaysia, the UAE, South Africa, England, and Scotland.

Alan’s client list is impressive. Ten State Fairs, Strates Shows and Lagoon Amusement Park featured Alan Sands’ comedy hypnosis show for years and years.


"It was evident, from the crowds, your act was popular and entertaining..."
Nancy Smith, South Carolina State Fair

When it comes to service, Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands knows what it takes to make fairs and festivals feel like he is part of the team. Alan’s office does PR before the fair and Alan makes every patron feel like they are the most important person at the fair. He knows how hard it is to keep clients happy and returning. He loves fairs and festivals, and they love him.

The subtle difference that sets Alan Sands apart from other hypnotists is his ability to make people feel comfortable as part of his audience. Alan makes people feel like they are in his own backyard and they are a personal friend of the person on stage. Witness for yourself Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands, The SandMan — the first phone call for agencies, including Capital International, Oler Productions, Artists & Attractions, and many others.

Hire Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands ~ The SandMan ~ and you will hire him for years.