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Corporate Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands goes by "the SandMan" and he has been doing dozens of corporate shows each year for holiday parties, conventions, employee appreciation events, awards banquets, safety seminars and any type of event where people want to laugh a lot and have fun.

In 2017 he teamed up with his partner, Misty Knight and together they do a two-person show that is taking the industry by storm!

They blend your corporate message or their "motivational" message into a fast-paced audience participation comedy hypnosis adventure that everyone at your convention or company party will talk about for years—and never forget!

“We enjoyed the performance a lot, and while I might have been a skeptic before, I am definitely a believer in hypnosis now!”
Sharon Richards, Admin. Assistant
Virginia Independent Auto Dealers Association


For team-building retreats and more, Misty and The SandMan’s comedy hypnosis show is perfect. This Clean Corporate Hypnosis Duo use original and conventional routines and in a 60-90-minute show, a dozen volunteers will take an imagination journey that will make your attendees 'laugh till they cry.' The experience is limited only by each volunteer’s individual imagination. Company employees and convention attendees go on a 'vacation of the mind' and then at the end of the show, they leave the volunteers with a motivational message that will help them achieve anything they put their minds to doing. Hypnosis is a limitless power used to program and reprogram habits.

A hypnosis show guided by Misty and The SandMan is different than other hypnotists' show because they tell stories and they can custom weave your corporate message into the program, making the show educating, entertaining, and enlightening!




The underlying theme of this corporate comedy hypnotist is—well, comedy! Alan has spent his lifetime making people laugh and together this teams bring out the repressed emotions of the volunteers, and the audience! You have to see it to believe it.

Using hypnosis as his modus operandi, Alan and Misty demonstrates the mastery of taking the imagination to the edge—but never crossing that edge. Their performances are clean and are always family friendly and never offensive.


...I keep hearing ‘It was the best holiday party we’ve had!’ and ‘I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!’...”
Sharon Barrett, Executive Assistant
Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc, WI

Comedy Hypnotists Misty and The SandMan have performed thousands of shows and repeat most of their clients—some for up to 20 years in a row! You will understand why when you witness their amazing and hilarious exhibition of the power of the mind.

Delighting audiences at trade shows, conventions, holiday and corporate parties; performance credits span 46 U.S. states and Canada, China, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, England, Scotland and South Africa.

Click this link to download a one-page brochure: Alan Sands is the Sandman

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