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The Win-Win Hypnosis & Magic Comedy Concert Fundraiser

Alan believes in “win-win” situations. He hates to see organizations risk money on fundraisers and lose. This formula is created so you cannot lose on a comedy show fundraiser.

It’s pretty straight forward:

  • Tickets are sold for a show by the parents and students.

  • Alan gets the proceeds from the tickets sold to cover his expenses, including

    • R/T transportation if he drives as double the receipts produced for fuel and hotels.

    • If he flies: rental car, a refund for the plane ticket.

    • Meals during travel (not to exceed $35 a day)
    • Reimbursement for Posters @ $0.50 each and postage for shipping
    • If the Producer wants Alan to produce tickets, the printing of tickets @ $100 for 500 tickets 2" x 5.5", full color on both sides.
  • The fund-raising committee gets 60% of the remaining proceeds, and 40% goes to Alan Sands as his performance fee.

  • Alan supplies all posters, all tickets, and a master brochure that can be photocopied or printed for the salespeople.

  • Alan also supplies a video that can be played at the school as a teaser in the lunchroom or a school assembly.

Tickets are sold for 2 different prices:

  • Buy them in advance for the price of $10 for adults, $5 for students.

  • Buy them at the door for $12. Kids under the age of 10 get in free when accompanied by anyone who buys a full-priced ($10 or $12) ticket. Children under the age of 5 are discouraged from coming, though they are not turned away.

I know what you’re thinking: 

"There must be a catch; there always is. What will this cost us, the committee?”

  • The committees obligate themselves to sell the minimum number of tickets to cover Alan’s basic expenses: ticket printing, posters, travel to and from the event, and misc. minor expenses. These costs vary depending on where your school is located due to travel variables.

  • Alan supplies one master brochure. The committee will have to duplicate the brochure.

  • Alan also asks the committee to procure a hotel room for him for one night. This can usually be donated.

Nothing else. That's It!

Incentive ideas to sell tickets

Anyone who sells 6 tickets gets a free ticket to the show.

It would be best if you got multiple departments involved in selling tickets to the show. For example, if the primary fundraising committee is the Grad Nite Party, the committee can also have the sports department sell tickets, as well as the music department and the prom committee. You can be creative and decide on the percentage each committee gets from these “other committees,” but I recommend a 50%-50% split between organizations within the school.

If you say:

“Let’s Proceed with the Fund-Raiser”
  • We pick a date.
  • Alan sends you an agreement to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Alan sends you posters and tickets.
  • Alan works on a total honesty basis. You pay him after the show is finished, what you figure out to be his percentage.

Now, all that’s left is -- Let’s pick a date!


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