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hands upHi. Alan Sands here – Comedy Hypnotist - The Sandman. For 20 years I have offered a variety of very popular entertainment services for late night parties for high schools, including post proms and grad night parties.

I perform for 30+ school events across the USA and Canada in states including Rochester, New York; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Panama City, Florida; Lufkin, Texas; California's Wine Country, Bay Area and Central Valley; many towns across Illinois, South Dakota and North Dakota; Jackson, Mississippi, all over Iowa and Nebraska and Spokane, Washington just to name a few. I have returned to many schools for 20 years in a row and am hired before I leave the school for the next year many times. I created my comedy stage hypnosis show in 1993, and that is the main service I provide for these high school events. This is also how I make the majority of my living, year-round.

"Alan's show was beyond expectations. he presented a good clean show for our after prom party. The kids were all laughing hysterically. If I ever need to book a hypnotist again it will definitely be Alan!!!" 

After Prom Party – Burke, SD

A few notes regarding the services I provide:

Sometimes I am not available for an event date, as I am already contracted with another school or event, I will find you one of my other favorite performers with a successful track record doing high school shows. I operate a talent agency and I can find you other highly qualified hypnotists for your event, if I cannot do the event myself.

Things you are responsible for:

I will need a professional sound system and I request a hotel room for one or two nights, depending on my plane flights. If your town is remote, sometimes I ask you to include the cost of one hotel room in my performance fee so I can get a hotel room closer to the airport, or further down the highway on my way to my next event, rather than in your town (this fee is between $60-$180, depending on the cost of hotels in your area).

I would love to send you a promo package.
I will include a brochure and a DVD. Just fill in my Contact Order Form.


grad night hypnosis show


My show is clean. My markets remain clean markets, including fairs, festivals, amusement parks, high schools, colleges and corporate events. Any other performer I recommend is also a “clean hypnotist.”



My Moral Compass: "I treat everyone the way I want them to treat my 23-year old daughter."

I ask for a 40% deposit when I issue a contract to cover the cost of travel.

All deposits are 100% fully refundable if anything changes. When a plane ticket is purchased, the performer may incur a cost. This portion of a deposit may not be refundable. Airlines have cancellation and change fees up to $200.

Performers may or may not carry their own microphones. A wireless microphone may be requested.

My agreement is a friendly, win/win agreement. You can request an agreement by going to the Agreement Information Form. Fill in all the spaces. If you are not sure of an answer, such as location or times, answer as best you can. An agreement can still be issued.


Post Prom and Grad Night Hypnosis show Q&A


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  • Emory & Henry, VA
  • 10 Penn State Campuses
  • Juilliard, New York
  • Stanford, California
  • 4 Cal State campuses
  • Kansas University
  • Miami Dade College
  • Northern Arizona Univ
  • Whitman College
  • North Carolina
  • Wesleyan College
  • Rogers State University
  • Siena Heights University
  • East Oklahoma State
  • and many, many more!
In addition to colleges and universities, Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands delights audiences at as many as 30 high school grad nights and post-prom parties every year in California, Texas, Montana, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois, Mississippi, Florida, and many others!