In the same way, you need tools to build or repair something; your mind needs mental tools to build or change the reality you want to live in. That’s according to Joni Neidigh, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, who joined River City Live today to talk about self-hypnosis as a powerful technique to improve your mind.

Joni believes that the power of the mind is amazing but often underutilized. The best way to make changes, she says,  is by knowing which part of your mind to use and when to use it. The conscious mind accounts for 5-10% of our thinking, while the subconscious mind accounts for 90-95%. While the conscious mind is responsible for logical thinking, critical thinking, short-term memory, and willpower, the subconscious mind has a greater influence on installing permanent change.

That is partly because beliefs, creativity, emotions, imagination, intuition, habits, and long-term memory all reside there. That is why self-hypnosis is such an important tool as the process enlists this part of the mind for change. Self-hypnosis involves becoming fully present and selectively focused while adding the benefit of self-suggestion and/or affirmations. In other words, you tune out the past or future while you focus on what you want to create or change. It is so simple that even very young children can do it. There are many benefits, including but not limited to anxiety reduction, sports performance, academic performance, public speaking, confidence, smoking cessation, increased sleep, weight loss, and medical conditions. One question often asked is that given all of these benefits and the effectiveness of this tool, why don’t more people use it? There are misconceptions that it is difficult to learn and takes too much time out of the day. While it is enjoyable to use longer techniques such as listening to self-hypnosis audios and practicing progressive muscle relaxation, numerous techniques are simple, fast, and easy. Some of those include the 3-2-1 Reset Technique, Square Breathing, Bilateral Stimulation, and Breathing Techniques. 

Joni Neidigh says that no matter which techniques you learn, it is important to practice. Self-hypnosis is a skill that can change your life. If you would like to experience a free self-hypnosis audio visit with Joni, check out more at and use the coupon code River City at checkout.