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You should wait until next year.
Let another season pass you by.
Everyone else is making thousands of dollars this Post Prom & Grad Night season;
Fairs are already booked for 2019
Why would you want to learn how to do stage hypnosis shows this year?
Wait to learn it next year.
Then make money in 2021.
Is that what you are thinking?

Are you really going to let another year pass you by?

I will tell you the truth. I won't make you promises to sell you something that isn't true.

FACT: I  have trained 31 people since 2013 in nine bootcamps. EVERYONE of them are listed on the web site with their email addresses -
FACT: More than half of them now make five-figure incomes doing stage hypnosis shows.
Some part-time. Others full-time.
FACT: I have given shows to seven of my students and they have made more than the cost of this training back from me alone!


Truth - this is not going to be easy...

You will do five shows in five days, by yourself, solo.
We have now have also created an additional "inductions training" for those of you who want/need a bit more education before you walk on stage.

The people you will hypnotize and do shows for have probably never seen or been in a hypnosis show and have probably never been hypnotized. This isn't a classroom training where you hypnotize the same group of student hypno-junkies over n' over. This is in the field. It's live. It's real!


We give you unconditional, personal support. Two very experienced trainers are with you at all times.

• If you were going to be an actor, you'd take acting classes.
• If you are putting on a play, you'd want a director.
• All performers need training and trainers that know more than they do.
We coach you and offer subtle suggestions that make all the difference.

Regardless, you know more than everyone in your audience, and they will accept you as an authority.

You will be successful, and when you leave Boot Camp, you will be able to say, "YES, I CAN!"


Happy to help.

Still have questions? Want to talk? Call us. We are always available to answer your questions.
(800) 892-2287
Email us at
We are extending the deadline for early bird discounts until the end of this month.
 Until June 1st, you can still get the Early Bird Discounts.
Can't stay the whole seven days? Talk to us. We can get you through quicker.
(You'll do more shows per day, but still do five shows while with us.)