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Since 1997, Alan Sands Entertainment (ASE) has sponsored a P-1 Work Permit for a number of cream de la crème’ Canadian Entertainers. There are currently (2014) ten acts on this P-1; a six-member acrobatic troupe; three juggling solo and duo acts; six acts are magicians, solo, duo and a troupe of five.

For a list of the Canadian Acts on my current permit and those that have been on my permit in the past, please visit

ASE chooses not to add other acts to the current P-1-B Permit. Please do not ask. Many of these acts have been working together for 17 or more years. All others have been members for over five years. There are no openings in this P-1-B Visa.

I have two aspiring stage hypnotists traveling with me for the next two weeks in North Carolina, Dan Anders and Brian Varano. I am finding their experiences and career goals a bit diverse. I am attempting to guild both these individuals where they want to go, not make them into Mini-Me's.


Hypnosis shows are different than any other medium of entertainment. Comedy Stage Hypnosis shows are not like music - either bands or DJ's, dance troupes or dances, singers or any form of vaudeville, variety, novelty or specialty act - but Hypnosis shows can have elements like all of them at times - especially if the performer is good.

There are exceptions to all rules, always - however generalities can be made.

County fair entranceAs I travel around the nation, I pass many fairs when they are closed. I seem to notice if the entrances appear inviting all year round or if the fair looks abandoned. This is especially important if you are trying to attract off-season events.  →

Bathrooms comparedThis is my 25th year performing at fairs. I have heard many presenters at conventions and listened to a lot of vendors, service suppliers and patrons at fairgrounds. One of their most frequent comments are about bathrooms. While entertainment, animals, attractions, games, food, and vendors are really important to an attendee’s experience at an event, the basic needs of comfort and convenience must not be overlooked.  →

Parking lot sign: 'Epic Parking'When guests arrive at your event, one method of creating an atmosphere of excitement is to make sure your patrons hear music. The moment I hear music, I feel like I am at the fair. This is why I highly recommend providing background music or entertainment before attendees even enter the festival.  →

I got an idea! I know--it doesn't happen often! A few years ago, I realized there is one perfect fair that I do year after year where I can train another hypnotist: the Robeson County Fair in Lumberton, NC.

Instead of teaching someone the basics, however, I decided I would share my knowledge for free with an up and coming hypnotist--someone who has already done training with someone else, or has done a dozen or more shows and needs a place to get some experience outside of a classroom.

I remember when I first began doing hypnosis shows, it was difficult to find an audience. In my first few years, I only did 5-10 shows a year; that is not a lot of practice in front of a live audience--something a new stage hypnotist desperately needs.

Fairs are a great place to teach someone how to be a better stage hypnotist because they get to repeat the same show multiple times a day. I have been performing at The Robeson County Fair for 12 years and know that it lends itself to the flexibility I need to teach someone, do them justice and not hurt my shows by allowing the student to be on stage with me.

With the Pitt County Fair in Greenville, North Carolina immediately before the Robeson County Fair, I'll have 13 days in a row to give someone a lot of attention. And with daytimes free, we can do classroom-style work such as watching/critiquing videos of the shows the night before and working on scripting.

Between September 30th and October 12th I will be bringing two up and coming hypnotists with me on the road to mentor and give them my insights and guidance as they hone their skills at making people bark like roosters and milk ducks for their new career.

I have picked one person so far: 39-year old Dennis Clause, a.k.a. Andrew Bear Claws, from Sanborn, NY. Andrew has already performed about 20 shows. Once he has polished up his act, Andrew hopes to tap into the Indian Casino market through his Native American heritage. He tells me there are 450 Indian Casinos and 85% of them need to buy Native American Services first, when they are available. I am excited to be working with him. I think he is a perfect candidate, and I am excited to be able to make a new lifetime friend of him.

I have four other people who have asked if I would consider them, but I have not chosen any of them yet. I’ll keep you posted once I can share more.

George SandsDecember 2012

My father was George Sands. His mother called him Georgie. He called himself SandSational. I called him dad.

People ask me all the time, “What was it like growing up with a father who did magic?” and I can only reply, “That’s all I knew.” I didn’t realize that my life was exceptional. For a long time, I would say, “I wish he had been a doctor or a lawyer,” but I have changed that tune. I miss my father, for who he was.

I went to the Hypnotherapy Institute in Marin, California for my clinical hypnotherapy training. My teacher, Marleen Mulder, told us a story that has touched my life more than any of the other teachings I learned at the time.

Marleen was a witness to a bombing in Europe ...

I recently received an email from a student asking the following:

Hello. I'm doing a term report on hypnosis. I was wondering if you could give me some information on it. Some topics I have to cover are: Procedure, the hypnotic state, and hypnosis today. If you could help me out that would be great!!! Thanks. *a hypnotic fan* :) ...