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DEPOSITS - How I treat them during Covid

In 2020, I refunded over 20 deposits I had received because of Covid. My refund policy remains:
All deposits are refunded if the event cancels. We are all in this boat together.
If I buy a plane ticket, and they do not refund the price but only credit the price back to me, then that portion of the deposit will be refunded when I use that credit.
I had a show scheduled for 12/12/20 - they canceled one week before the show.
I paid $283 for the plane ticket. I rented a car to get to and from the gig and airport. I was able to cancel the car rental with no penalty.
The airline gave me credit.
The deposit I requested and received from the client was $600, so:
I refunded $300 (rounding it off to make it easier to remember), and I told the client, "when I use the airline credit, I will send you the other $300," knowing that someone else would send me a deposit of $600 for their show/gig and I will use the credit at that time.
I don't hold people's money for ransom. I hate when companies like airlines do this to me, and I will not.
I have a simple moral/ethic I live by, "I treat everyone the way I wish they would treat my daughter."
Therefore, your ENTIRE deposit is refundable, eventually. Just not as quickly as you might wish.
OPTION #2: If you ask me to give you credit towards a later date, I can and would do that also, AND there would be no expiration date on that credit.