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Road Hypnosis Warning for those who will set off during the holiday! What is Road Hypnosis, and How Can It Be Prevented?
16/07/2021 GENERAL, HIGHWAYS, Automotive

road hypnosis warning for those who will set out on holiday, what is road hypnosis and how to prevent it

Experts warned about "road hypnosis, highway hypnosis" for citizens who will go on a long journey. So what is road hypnosis? What does long path hypnosis mean?

Bilecik Training and Research Hospital Emergency Service Specialist Dr. Mustafa Boz made an important statement about 'road hypnosis,' which is the trance state of the brain when the eyes are open, by warning drivers.

Boz stated that in this case, the drivers continued to use the vehicle without being aware of it, but the mind was elsewhere or sleeping with their eyes open.

Long road trips offer a good opportunity to relax, and they also have dangerous aspects such as road hypnosis.

While most of the driving procedures are performed correctly, a small mistake can have fatal consequences. Usually, this is due to the state of being hypnotized while driving. In other words, in this situation, which we can call sleeping with eyes open, an accident does not say I am coming.

Most of the survivors' statements such as 'he suddenly appeared, I did not see' actually stem from the road hypnosis they have experienced. This situation, which is experienced more especially in those who use automatic transmission vehicles, shows that hypnosis arises from comfort.

The concept of road hypnosis was first used in an article in 1921. It is the situation where the driver's consciousness and subconscious mind concentrate on different things. The self-operating feature of the brain, which is not affected by anything, emerges, and the driver goes into a trance.

Glares on the road, road lines passing at the same speed, sometimes the windshield wipers work for a long time, the rhythm of the music you listen to, going on the roads you know can cause aggravation in your mental processes. In these situations, where your eyes are on the roads, and your mind is elsewhere, an accident does not say I am coming. However, there are some ways to avoid these situations where the driver is insensitive to the road during the journey.

1. It will be better to listen to songs whose tempo constantly changes during the long journey instead of your favorite music.

2- Reading the signs and signs around the road instead of looking at a single point while driving will protect you from being hypnotized.

3- Constantly checking your surroundings from the rearview mirror will increase your concentration on the road.

4- If you are experiencing drowsiness, eyelids, and headache, pull over and do not continue on the road without rest.

5- Avoid traveling during the hours you sleep during the day. Talking to someone while wearing headphones also prevents you from getting distracted.

6- Drink plenty of water while driving. Also, leave the window ajar so you can get fresh air. If possible, chew gum while driving.