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I went to the Hypnotherapy Institute in Marin, California for my clinical hypnotherapy training. My teacher, Marleen Mulder, told us a story that has touched my life more than any of the other teachings I learned at the time.

Marleen was a witness to a bombing in Europe ...

She was able to go to the victims and assure them they were okay ... help was coming, the person she was talking to was okay and there were people much worse that needed attention sooner, and they would be fine. She told them she knew they were hurt, but they would recover completely and they could be a bit more patient than others who didn't have the luxury of more time ...

It was an amazing lesson. I have only had to use the lesson once. I was a witness to a car accident and I was able to go to the person injured and let him know by touching him gently that he needed to stay still, wait for help to come, he shouldn't move, he was injured but he would be okay if he stayed still and waited just a minute or two until the medics arrived ... and once the medics arrived I was able to tell them what condition he was in so they knew where to start ...

It gives me great pleasure to be able to teach this to others, whether they are medics, EMTs, fire fighters, police, dispatchers, or any of the other numerous emergency response people we have in this nation - whether they are volunteers or professionals.

It was not only an important lesson that has already served me, but I was offered a gig by a group of professional medical people recently - and what an opportunity to teach so many professionals this skill, this enlightenment, this method of making people feel at ease... I hope I get the gig!

Written in Lumberton, NC 10/06/11


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