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Week Two - October 7-12, 2013 - Lumberton, NC @ the Robeson County Fair

Week two we moved to Lumberton, NC for the Robeson County Fair. Monday we spent driving and moving into our new hotels. We then went to the fair, set up the sound and video equipment and are ready for the first night.

Dan has family matters and decides he needs to leave us, so after doing two shows Monday night, on Tuesday, Dr. Dan shows Alan the script he has written out and Alan and Dan brainstorm creative ways of delivering the script, added a few more stories and some other branches to the tree, as I likes to call it. We discuss music, and I shows him how Garage Band works for editing purposes. Dr. Dan works with a windows machine, so he will have to find his own editing programs for his music similar to Garage Band to lengthen, shorten, cut and alter his music.

Before Dr. Dan leaves Brian and myself to head home, he does a most noble thing and gives his pre-paid hotel room for the week to Brian, who was staying at a cheaper hotel up the highway. Up till now, he has been most generous paying for dinners amd drinks when we have gone out at night after shows, but this gesture is overwhelming.

The fair is closed due to rain on Tuesday night, so we have a forced, but much needed night off. Brian and I go to the movies.