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Personalized Training:


In Sept - Oct 2013, I worked with two students for two weeks. Dr. Dan Anders and Brian Verrano in Greenville, NC and Lumberton, NC

In June 2014, I worked with Michael Mayo in Merced, CA.

In October 2014, I worked with Vanessa Lindgren, Jeff harpring nad Martin Baratz in Lumberton, NC.


Brian Varano on stage October 2014 Lumberton, NC


Brian had never done a show, but had memorized Justin Tranz’s routine after training with Justin, and he was able to get on stage five times, record a demo video he now uses and he was very successful at getting his feet wet and pulling off some successful shows. He also purchased sound equipment for his act with great confidence as well as downloaded Show Cues, bought the iJet remote and worked with the application and his remote to do his music cues.






Dan Anders worked diligently on writing his script, and bought a good, small sound system after he left. He has done a dozen or two shows before coming, and has since then done another half dozen shows - including one I got for him that paid him $1,200, and he seems to let me know how each show went and what he learned from our time together. (Brian Varano on left, Dan Anders on right)






In June 2014, I worked with, Michael Mayo, for five days. Michael had previously done about 20 shows, and we were able to work on some opening material, strengthen his middle act - making it run smoother so it was not so choppy - and we polish his closing so that when the show ended, the audience felt like there was some finality to the show. He also got to get on stage four times and do shows and we videotaped his shows so he will now be able to create a good demo for himself.


Every student I work with has specific, individual needs. Each student was very different than the previous student. All of them were “working it” but needed some pointers and attention to the details to make them become tighter.




IMG 3965 IMG 3931 IMG 3954 IMG 3962


(Image #1) Martin Baratz practicing his Air Guitar Routine (Image #2) Jeff Harpring doing his induction (Image #3) Vanessa Lindgren doing her very first show solo (Image #4) Going over a video of the show, every minute to understand the mechanics.

In June 2014, I was performing in Regina, SK and I had one night off when another local hypnotist was performing so I went to see a hypnotist, Jesse Lewis do his thing. He has been doing shows for six years and over all, his show went awesome! I am sure his clients call him back year-after-year. However, I standing on the outside looking in, I could still give him little quips of advice that made his show smoother, stronger and I could help him take off some of the rough edges.

I don’t know everything, but I do see a lot of details in performers that have not been doing a show for 12 or more years. I listen to and watch the audience, I watch the performer and his microphone technique, the speaker placement, how smooth are the sound cues, how they dresse, how they enter the stage and how they act on stage at every moment. I hear comments the audience makes (gasps when the perfumer uses a word that imight be offensive) and I see if someone is doing something to often that might be extremely strong - but should not be over done.

It is hard to master a show without a director helping you. All of the Greatest Theater Performances have Directors - Rock Stars and Great Magicians all have directors. I have booked 6-month contracts for acts at Disneyworld, and the first thing Disney does is give you a Stage and Technical Director to work with the act. Hypnosis shows are performances with multiple performers on stage and if you do not think you need a Director, it will take you years to catch small details that a Director can point out early on. You, as the hypnotist must act as the Conductor of the volunteers and sometimes even the conductor - or choreographer - or improv director - needs pointers to clean up the show and make it run smoothly.

watches-in-cabinet3A smooth show gets seen as a smooth show and no notice is taken to the not-so-smooth points in the show. It is the bumps and silent moments, or the rough spots that get noticed.

I show you how to operate a sound system so you get no feedback, no distortion and it is tuned so that the audience can hear clearly. Speaker placement and microphone technique are important. I teach you a bit about video, and lights and staging.

We will work on your routines, write material for you and I will show you what I like and don’t like. I will help you take your routines and make them smooth story lines that have a thread throughout the skits that holds them together and gives your routines continuity.

My coaching is custom to what you need and want at the moment. I limit my class size to three people. The price is only $1000 if you send in a deposit before July 15th for the training October 3-11 in Lumberton, NC. After July 15th, the price goes up to $1500.

Are you ready to polish and spit shine your act? I hope to hear form you. Email me for more info if you would like: