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Does a Hypnosis Show need a quiet space to do your show?

Not necessarily, but it improves the quality of the show. Do you like quiet when you watch TV, go to the theater or movies? People want to give the show their undivided attention without distractions. So avoid conflicting noise or activity going on. 

Is it OK if we have several activities going on at the same time as your show?

We highly discourage it. You are having a late-night party for high school students and paying for a premium service. Why would you want other activities going on at the same time?

We are serving dinner during this time, also. Will they need to be finished eating before you start?

Unless people are paying for the entertainment out of their pocket, food beats entertainment almost every time. People do not want to look up from their food to watch a show. There are types of entertainment that work during a meal. They are the type of entertainment that does not need your undivided attention, like background music. However, Variety Acts like hypnotists, magicians, jugglers & ventriloquists need the audience's full attention. Please do not serve meals at the same time as the show.

Begin the entertainment after people have eaten, especially if the show requires volunteers. No one wants to leave their meal and participate.

Hypnosis shows are a LOT of FUN! However, sometimes you have to make people sit and watch to discover they like what they are watching and see it themselves. If one has never seen a hypnosis show, they are naive and won' know what they missed if you don't make them watch the show. My wife forced me to see Wayne Newton. I am GLAD she did!!!

Late Night parties have a formula that works for 90+% of the time.

HOT FOOD wins over everything else. If you serve food, nothing else should be going on except {a.} music and maybe {b.} raffles.

When the party ends, guests will not remember the food, games, or prizes except quality prizes like iPods, iPads, computers, bicycles, dorm room refrigerators, microwaves, etc. But, they will remember the comedy show that made them laugh so hard, they cried.

Let's discuss formulas that work best:

#1 - Use the Hypnosis Show as the first thing of the event, used to gather them quickly into one place before they are shipped off to the off-site event.
A few schools have had me perform at the school, in the gym, or theater as the first thing of the night. All the kids gather and park, go into the show (after being searched - all wallets, money, beverages, purses, etc., must be left in the car). They watch the hypnosis show for 90 minutes, then are put on busses and taken to the event at an off-site location. (Arcades with go-carts, H20 Parks, or Bay Cruise Ships, usually).

#2 -THE MOST POPULAR FORMULA - The Comedy Hypnosis Show is the last activity of the night.
Say the event goes from 9 pm - 5 am, do the hypnosis show at 3–4:30 am. The only thing that follows is the big raffle and more food - but very little of that food will get eaten. Few people eat at 4:30 am. Make servings elementary school-sized finger foods like donuts cut in half and tiny 6 oz—boxes of orange juice. If you cook a hot breakfast, make servings small. Enormous portions of french toast, pancakes, and sausage get thrown away at 5 am.

My final share: No one goes home after 4 am and drinks or does drugs. I see these events pushed to 5, 6, 7 am... You can end at 4 am, or 5 am, and you will have fulfilled your mission of seeing the kids safe, and you will leave them saying, "I had an awesome time."