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“Which” Doctor Rapid Induction

This is a variation of the handshake interrupt induction relying more on confusion than shock. The subject is left to assign meaning to the question of ‘which’ is the dominant hand (thereby creating the pattern interrupt). In actuality, there is no difference whatsoever as far as you’re concerned.

  1. Ask “Are you right or left handed?”

  2. Whatever they say, ask “Good, may I borrow that arm?” (Pointing to their right hand)

  3. Bring their hand up about front 18 inches in front of their face while simultaneously pointing at their hand with your right hand.

  4. Say, “Look at your hand… notice the lines on it… and focus in on one spot. As that hand moves closer to your face, your eyes will begin to change focus… and you can become aware of your eyes… notice how that causes your breathing to shift… and now just close those eyes and… SLEEP! (Snap fingers)

  5. (Begin deepening immediately)



The Hypnotic Stare – Arm Pull Induction

The hypnotic stare is powerful, and produces tangible results when used with most people. It triggers an “alpha–type” relationship and slight trance state with the subject, in most cases, causing them to be more easily persuaded and/or directed by you.

  1. Stand toe-to-toe with your subject.

  2. Tell them, “I’m about to hypnotize you deeper and faster than you’ve ever experienced before. Put your left hand on my shoulder.”

  3. Have them put their left hand on your shoulder, as you put your left hand on theirs and take their right hand in a handshake grip.

  4. Tell them, “In a moment, when I say ‘sleep,’ you will relax, fall into my chest and go deep into trance, staying firmly and solidly on your feet. Look directly into my eyes. Do not remove your eyes from mine.”

  5. Begin to stare at the point between and slightly above the eyes, focusing your gaze about 1 foot behind their head, as if you’re looking through them. Begin putting yourself into trance.

  6. After several seconds of the hypnotic stare, you’ll notice their gaze shifts and they ‘go inside.’ When you see that, pull their right hand gently but firmly and say, “SLEEP!”

  7. Cradle them against your chest, saying, “Staying firmly upon your feet, just drifting deeper and deeper down now.”

  8. Continue deepening




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