Alan Sands Entertainment


I will supply you with posters for your event. Let me know how many you think you want or need. I usually recommend 30, but you tell me what you feel works best for you and your community. 
Posters are a tiny bit labour-intensive to hang up. First, you have to write DATE - TIME - PLACE - PRICE - SPONSOR - on all of them clearly and neatly (or I recommend you generate it on a computer, cut them out to fit the space and glue stick & also tape them on - it looks cleaner.) I also highly recommend when you do the graphics, you have a frame around the information you want them to read. It is a graphics thing that makes it stand out better.
...Then you have two people together hang them up - one person holds them up on the wall or window, the other person tapes them up. 
Three people together go even smoother - 1st holds up the poster, 2nd cuts or tears tape; 3rd person applies tape. (Tape can be difficult and moody to work with. One never has enough hands.)
TICKETS -- Do you have a local printer who might be willing to donate their resources to print the tickets? Avery Labels also sells a ticket on cardstock sheets you can print. If you print them this way (Avery labels) you will want a unique identifier on them - a wax seal (like they used on envelopes in the past) or an embossing of some sort.
 TWO PART TICKETS -- The tickets can have a tear off stub section that when removed makes the ticket worth a different value so advance tickets sold can be cheaper than at the door, or give them some type of bonus gift (a drink and or a snack, a second person free.) Tickets with the stub get the discount. Without the stub, no discount.
SELLING TICKETS -- Have students record radio advertisements for the community event. Ask a local radio station to run the ads for free as a Public Service Announcement. You can also do the same with graphics in the local newspaper.
ADVANCE TICKET DISCOUNTS -- I'm TOTALLY OK - with you offering "children free with an adult full price ticket" -- or -- pay one-price for advance sale tickets for one and/or two people per ticket.
• If offering 1 for 2, or children free - only do one offer or it gets confusing. 
• Give the people at the door the night of the event the leverage to accept any and all excuses regarding discounts the night of the show so there are no "unhappy customers."
TEXT advertising is also REALLY a VERY good way of reaching people. Gather people together either during school or after school and have them go through their phones texting a message getting the word out... Throw a pizza party to have them do this for you.
Remember to coach anyone helping with a really positive attitude and big smile. Positive energy is the greatest reward. Nothing negative. Everyone wins.