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George Sands-s

50 Years of Magic

Volume 1 of The Magic
by George Sands

82 Pages + 140 Illustrations

50 Years of Magic

Table of Contents:


Gimmick Act
Insights by George on how and why to make an act that is unique. This same advice was given to Jeff McBride around 1977.

Sandslide Book Test #1
Sandslide Book Test #2

Chicken Thief Switch
George did an ESP act beginning around 1977 until he retired. He could not read without glasses, so he could not do blindfold readings. He devised this one-ahead switch to do billet readings.

Dollar Bill Reading
Business Card Toss Up
Playing Card Toss Up
Toss Up routines are based on calendar magic tricks and are simple math methods of reading minds, performing telekinesis, or just fooling and impressing people.

1-3-9 System
Two person Code - Body Movement
George taught this code at children's magic club meetings. It is simple, yet effective and is an excellent introduction to two-person codes.

Domino Cards
Arbitrary Card Cut
Twenty Seven Card Trick Formula
Split Card
Long Card Illusion

Ten Cards to the Pocket
Available on the 3-Rope Routines video and DVD, this was one of his favorite tricks and once mastered, will be one of your favorites, too. Skill level is difficult.
Sandslide (sleight)
Buckle Count (sleight)
Gamblers Palm (sleight)

Voo-Doo Cards
This card routine is moderate in difficulty, but is so powerful, George used it as the finale' to his Adult Magic Act and his ESP Act.
Magic Voo-Doo Cards
Drop Change Cards
Cards Across Expanded
Classic Cards Across variation

One Card Pete
A gambler's poem taken from a magic magazine in the 40's, George devised the moves for this very fun card routine.

Dollar Bill in Cigarette
Cigarette Filter Shell
Foiled Again
Two Coins in a Fountain
Tenkai Move (sleight)

Razor Blades
An original method for wrapping and switching razor blades not found in other sources. It is very portable. George used this method for 30 years. His son, Alan, continues to it.

Origami Magic Purse
So simple, a five year old can do it. But, it will still fool and entertain ALL ages!

Business Card Ventriloquism
Silk Hankerchief Through Rope
Rope Through Arm
Reverse Rope Through Arm
Extra Sandsational Puzzle

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