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George Sands-s

53 Years of Magic

Volume 4 of The Magic
by George Sands

82 Pages + 90 Illustrations

53 Years of Magic

Table of Contents:

The Shaping of A Magician
Spots Before Your Eyes
Push Move
Turn Move
Spot Transfer
Ten Sided Cube
Bottoms Up
Double Spot Exchange
Spot Exchange
Spot Transfer
Switching Places
Duplicating Numbers
My Backwards Magic Act
Twentieth Century Silk
Linking Ring Routine
Multiplying Bandages
Finger Gambol
Third Finger Gambol
Thumb Gambol
Thumb to Thumb Switch
Thumb to Finger Gambol
Finger to Finger Gambol
Clink a Clink
The Simple Presentation
Second Simple Presentation
Advanced Presentation
Second Advanced Presentation
Ambitious Card Routine
Mock Shuffle
Hindu Shuffle
Double Color Changing Card
Mock Cut
Single Color Changing Card
Switched Cards
Reverse Color Change
Napkins over The Head Finish
Stupid Spelling Bee
Advanced Smoking
Smoking Skit
Fast Multiplication
3 Digit Number
9 Digit Number
To Remember The magic Number
Mathematical Explanation
Further Development
Color Transformation
Rubber Band Penetration
Utility Folding Table
Spoon Breaking
Straw Sleeve Restoration
Origami Paper Currency Cross
Origami Six Pointed Star

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