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George Sands-s

54 Years of Magic

Volume 5 of The Magic
by George Sands

81 Pages + 72 Illustrations

54 Years of Magic

Table of Contents:

The Sands of Time
Accidental Plagiarism
Birds of A Feather Addendum
Rolling Count
Hidden Multiple Grip
Buckle Count
Three Card Elmsley Count
Drop Change
Homogenized Oil and Water
The Wedge
The Vernon Glide
Buckle Turn Over
Elmsley Count
Thumb Count
Magic By The Blind
Elbow Count
Transfer One Card From Top To Bottom
Transfer One Card From Bottom To Top
Two Or More Cards From Top To Bottom
Two Cards From Bottom To Top
Secretly Cutting A Deck
Burned Finger
Paddle And Shell
Double Back - Double Face Deck
Six Card Repeat
Rolling Count
The Count
Sandslide Move
Another ending
Another four Ace Trick
Double Undercut
Elevator Aces
Elevator Aces #2
Close-Up Juggling
Mathematical Magic Analysis
Computerized Mind
Count Down
Fifty-two Segments By Three
Cal-Q-Card Construction
Rotary Cal-Q-Card
Tubular Cal-Q-Card
Fifty Two Segments By Four
Cigarette Tilt Palm
Sun And Moon - Tie And Rope
Hex Star
With Matching Front And Back Colors
With No Matching Colors On Opposite Sides
With Only One matching Color On Both Sides
Neck Mic Holder
Color Blind
Crayon Colors
Boomerang Legs

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