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Encyclopedic Balloon Modeling Course Volume I and II

George Sands-s


In 1971, Balloon Animal Sculpting was in its infancy. There were only small eight page pamphlets on the market. George Sands was approached by a friend, George Post to teach him balloon sculpturing. For two days they twisted animal balloons and George Post took notes. At the end of the two days, George Sands asked for the notes, and he published the first 68 page balloon book.

A year later, he published a second balloon book with 24 pages.

Both books are now available together in a single volume!

Description of contents:


balloon book1


Volume I 67 Pages, 145 Illustrations Copyright 1971 & 2005 by George Sands



This book was the first balloon book with more than eight pages and the first text to teach: nomenclature (i.e., balloon sizes); all the twists ever created with new twists for special applications (George invented the Apple Twist on the end of a 260, and he invented the "lips" by twisting that apple in half); different inflation methods; over forty animals and routines; methods of tying a balloon; over 30 tricky inflation methods; fruits; vegetables; hats and other "look-a-like" types of items (i.e., base ball hats, balls, gloves, masks, etc.); and dozens of sight gags and routines.

balloon book2


Volume II 25 Pages, 100 Illustrations Copyright 1972 & 2005 by George Sands


You can't buy one without the other. They are both in the same binding.

Volume II was written a year later and includes 25 more pages of routines, animals, stunts plus a plethora of odds and ends.

You've heard the line, "I make over 105 different animals. The problem is, they all look like dogs!" Well, this is where that line came originated. learn the trained balloon dog routine and so much more.

George was the first balloon sculptor to do a "challenge act." He would challenge anyone to name an animal, and he would create it. From that challenge came all these new creations.


George Sands developed routines. He didn't just make animals and hand them out; he would create routines that lasted 3-6 minutes in length. He used multiple volunteers, different sized balloons (3-15's, 3-45's, 2-60's, 9" rounds, apples, etc.) and he created one-liner gags for every type of situation. Whether you are strolling or performing for a full auditoriums, this book will give you an endless wealth of polished material. George Sands was gifted at creating routines that can be performed for children, families and adult audiences. I know. I'm his son, and many of these routines took me around the world and I still use most of his material including these same balloon routines when performing for schools, fairs, cruise ships and conventions!

The cost of both books combined is US $20.00 Plus postage. A total of 91 pages. If you do balloons, you will surely get something new from this book. If you don't do balloons, you will soon be an expert!

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