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Chicken Thieves

Chicken Thieves is a quick, easy to master, effect that will become a proprietary effect you perform impromptu or as part of your regular show. It is great as an add-on for sponge balls, cups and balls or coin effects.

The routine, created by George Sands is a story of two chicken thieves that come to a farm and steal chickens. it is cute, fast-paced and so wonderfully simple you are going to fall in love with it immediately.

The skill level is “First trick to learn” level. It is great for teaching children or adults with no skill level, as the first slight-of-hand move they learn. Once you learn the move, you will fool 99.9% of all audiences - and it will be the routine you show people when they say, “show me a trick.”


$16.95 + $2.62 shipping/handling
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Chicken Thieves



Created by George Sands, Demonstrated by Alan Sands