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The Magical Creations of George Sands

George Sands compiled Seven Books between 1987-1993 with almost all of his lifetime creations he called the "50 Years of Magic" series.

George Sands create two of the most famous rope routines used today. His son, Alan Sands, republished the rope routines into one volume with an accompanying DVD.

George Sands wrote the first thorough balloon volume. Limited copies are still available.

What sets the magical creations of George Sands apart from other magician's material is George performed his routines, many of them for 50 or more years, then he published the complete working routine. His material is entertaining and polished.

George Sands was a prolific creator of close-up and parlor magic effects including cards, coins, ropes, mentalism, impromptu, comedy, silks, puppetry, chalk-talk, origami, money magic, razor blades, simple magic and very difficult routines. George began doing magic when he was 17 years old. George was first published as early as age 19 in Gene Huggard's Magic Monthly Newsletters.

George's two rope routines, Sandsational Ropes and RopeSational have kept him on the map as his most famous material but his other creations deserve almost as much credit. Inventing card moves that are now commonly used (the buckle count & SandSlide) as one example, these books are each a wealth of knowledge and a lifetime of his creations.

George Sands also published the first complete work on Balloon Animal Sculpturing (1971 & 1972). Before his books, there were no books that had more than 4-5 animals or sculptures and all previous publications were less than 20 pages. "The Encyclopedic Balloon Modeling Course Volume 1 & 2" are now combined into one book together.

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Volume 1 – 50 Years of Magic - 82 Pages + 140 Illustrations -


Volume 2 – 51 Years of Magic - 84 Pages + 84 Illustrations

Volume 3 – 52 Years of Magic - 79 pages + 110 Illustrations

Volume 4 – 53 Years of Magic - 82 Pages + 90 Illustrations


Volume 5 – 54 Years of Magic - 81 Pages + 72 Illustrations

Volume 6 – 55 Years of Magic - 83 Pages + 213 Illustrations

Volume 7 – 56 Years of Magic - 80 Pages + 102 Illustrations

ROPES - George Sands MasterWorks Collection, Volume 1

BALLOONS - Encyclopedic Balloon Modeling Course Volume 1 & 2