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Kellie Karl ~ Stage Hypnotist, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, DJ, Karaoke

Welcome to the zany world of hypnosis – a journey to the center of your mind with Kellie Karl.


“I hired Kellie Karl to do her hypnosis show for MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen. When Kellie started her show, all 250 teenagers rushed the stage screaming and begging to get hypnotized. Need I say more? “
Carolyn Arthurs
Owner, All About Events
Los Angeles CA
Kellie performs regularly on Cruise ships and at County Fairs. She has worked Las Vegas extensively and does a fast-paced, clean show for all ages.
“From the first time that I saw Kellie, I knew she had something special.“
Joanie Spina
Stage Director & Choreographer
(choreographed 10 CBS David Copperfield TV specials)
She has the voice of a nightingale and sings throughout her show. She began her career as choreographer and dancer, then went on to being a DJ and Karaoke party hostess and now combines her talents making her a dynamic performer, and she isn't hard to look at either!
“Definitely a show I would see again.“
Richard Spina
Music Producer, Songwriter
Music Director for Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone



“She’s “hypnotic”…captivating, enticing, fascinating, charming and wonderfully entertaining. I can and HAVE recommended her show to anyone headed for Vegas. “
Farrell Hirsch
Network TV Writer, Broadway Producer
Exec. Producer Playboy Radio

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