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Susan Rosen



Susan Rosen

Mistress of Mesmerism

America’s most requested hypnotist since 1981 – with a Ph.D in fun! Susan Rosen has become a world renowned stage hypnotist with an extensive list of credits. She has appeared throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico for 31 years.

Susan is a certified hypnotherapist through the American Board of Hypnotherapy. She is the Safety Coordinator for Specialty Insurance Agency, and trains all hypnotists in safety procedures. Susan has designed her show to introduce the novice to the world of hypnosis in a funny, non-threatening way.



She will ignore your neurosis and play with your sense of humor. Susan presents hypnosis in a lighthearted manner that’s fun for young and old alike and keeps them coming back for more. The volunteers are the stars, with total audience participation. Amazing female perspective. Each show is unique.

Susan has successfully performed at numerous fairs and festivals. She has received great reviews at Six Flags Great America in Illinois, and Disneyland and Universal Studios in California.

Whether you join her on stage or just watch the show, you’ll have the time of your life. Come join Susan and play tag with your imagination. Her show is he perfect choice for repeat and multiple bookings.

Susan has performed at fairs, festivals and amusement parks throughout Arizona, California, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin, Montana, Texas, Nevada, Ontario, Cancun and more....


“The response from both employees and guests alike was nothing short of spectacular. We are still receiving letters from guests singing your praise. Thank you for your stellar performances, flexibility, and professionalism. They have been, and continue to be unmeasurable.”
Todd Stickney
Talent Management
Six Flags Great America


“A contender for a main attraction, young and old alike enjoyed the show. It is unique, and I wonder if you hadn’t hypnotized the audience along with the folks on stage.”
Greg Hegwer
Entertainment Director
El Dorado County Fair


“A high quality hypnotist act that will amaze and entertain. She packed the house. Each show is unique. She’s dynamite!”
Bert Owens, Manager
Tehema District Fair

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