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The mesmerizing duo of Misty Knight and Alan Sands has redefined stage hypnosis to bring you an engaging, dynamic, and entertaining hypnosis experience that consistently outdraws other free-stage performances on fairgrounds across the continent.



When you see Misty, and the SandMan's 20' trailer wrapped in intriguing steampunk images roll onto your grounds, you know you're in for a different kind of hypnosis experience. But the WOW factor doesn't stop there.

Watch a 10-second video pan of our set-up at a fair in Washington in 2021


The trailer and matching classic Model T Ford, along with steamer trunks, vintage lamps, and dozens of period oddities, provide unique photo-ops for your patrons. It is an enticing backdrop for a fast-paced, family-friendly comedy hypnosis show that is unlike any other -- a Victorian Future, where the Great Gatsby and Roaring 20's meets Steampunk.




Option #2 is entirely different from the comedy hypnosis stage show; the Steampunk "Close-Up" Hypnosis Experience lets people experience hypnosis one-on-one or in small groups. It's space-flexible and can be offered as a grounds attraction independent of the stage hypnosis show or as a package, combining both shows to give your patrons a complete entertaining, informative, and most definitely memorable hypnosis experience.


 Watch the following 3-minute 2021 demo video:


Download a one-page PDF brochure to show your colleagues here: Misty & The SandMan 1-page Fairs Brochure

Click this link to download a two-page brochure featuring the SteamPunk/Roaring 20's experience: Featuring Misty and the SandMan.

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