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 Experience Hypnosis without going on stage

Almost everyone likes to sing, but not everyone wants to get on a stage and do karaoke.

In Alan's 27 years of doing stage hypnosis shows, he has found that countless people are curious about hypnosis, but not everyone wants to get on a stage.

Reinventing how hypnosis is introduced to the masses, Lisa Kunschick and Alan Sands have designed a Steam Punk Themed stage set and instead of doing a hypnosis show based on "HAHA" they do a hypnosis exhibition that gives people the "WOW."

Since it was first harnessed as a therapy in the late 1700s, hypnosis has always amazed people. The power of the human mind can control and fulfill anything it can imagine and Misty has four decades of experience helping people therapeutically.



Alan has been a performer his entire life and has created a performance stage set with costumes, a fully restored Model T, countless props, lighting and a 20' trailer as the backdrop where people can, one-on-one, or in small groups experience hypnosis in a safe, public forum. 

The Steam Punk Hypnosis Experience is completely different than a comedy hypnosis show and can be offered as a grounds attraction independent of a hypnosis show, or as a package of both shows. 


steam punk model t trailer


Steam Punk Experience 

Click this link to download a two-page brochure featuring the SteamPunk/Roaring 20's experience: Featuring Misty and the SandMan

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