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Nerdy Noah

Comedian - Daredevil - Stunt Man - Juggler


Nerdy Noah is perfect for festivals and fairs, colleges, family shows, conventions, holiday parties, and more. He can do strolling or a stage show and has enough laugh-out-loud material to do over an hour of non-stop comedy.

Show Description: 

Nerdy Noah's unique interpretation of the art of juggling will bring him fame and fortune, posthumously. Genius like this is rarely appreciated until it's too late. But luckily, you're ahead of the curve, one of the few to recognize that these zany stunts are perfect for ages 1 - 100! 

You're under 100 right? GOOD, because this show is sure to shock and awwwwe anyone who gets too close when Noah juggles tazers. You want singing and dancing, well sorry, that's tomorrow night, but if you wanna have a duel with a man on a mini-bicycle, you're in the right place! So what are you waiting for, tuck in your shirt, brush that tooth, and come get Nerdy! 

Warning: Attending the Nerdy Noah Juggling Show may cause you to laugh so hard that you pee your pants. We're not kidding, it's happened to us, this is not a joke, you've been warned. (Magnifying glass not included)  ------



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