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Minor Miracles via Sleight of Hand

My commitment to quality magic

Suppose you need your event to provide guests with the unforgettable experience of witnessing, participating in, and sharing impossible moments. In that case, I want you to feel confident in hiring a professional magician.

Not many people have seen live close-up magic, let alone been responsible for booking one for an event. There are many slick promotional photos and David-Blaine-y social media reaction videos with web-talent marketing. They can easily be staged. Unfortunately, there is no promise you will be getting MAGIC when you hire them in person.

Here is a story that highlights this.

In 2018, one of my colleagues texted me. "A party I booked you for has been cancelled." It was disappointing last-second news, but I had another opportunity to do magic for a popular restaurant in Chinatown— an afternoon of work and a free Howlin Rays sandwich. While I was strolling magic, my colleague called me back to back twice, so I picked up. He rehired us.

The father of the birthday boy, who'd cancelled on us, had hired a party entertainment service from an online registry. The lady who showed up at the restaurant was in a Halloween-costume magic outfit and witch hat. She gave all the kids little plastic gift bags with playing cards, a little magic wand, and some stickers. She made a small handkerchief appear and disappear and did a card trick with a fake pack of cards [okay, the kids didn't know that, but it was suspicious she only did one thing]. The kids were disappointed, and the party was already well underway in a room he had only reserved for less than two more hours. The father called my colleague doubled his original price, and begged us to show up ASAP.

The situation was urgent. The father at the party would multiply his original rate for whatever magic he could get from my colleague and me in the remaining time. My boss in Chinatown is a fan and regular patron, so he understood the situation and let me reschedule the rest of my shift. I punched the address in my GPS and went to save a party. It took me about an hour to get there, but I arrived first. The father looked disappointed, but the party was not a total disaster, actually— no crying children. Just a bunch of bemused kids with plastic wands and playing cards standing around a lady in a magician costume. Not a particularly fun memory.

I quickly set up my table and invited the nearest kids over. One of them volunteered their new pack of cards for some magic. They picked a card, showed it to their friends, and put it back in the box. They waved their magic wands over the pack, and all the cards disappeared except for the card they picked. They screamed. The deck appeared back on the table behind me. They laughed. The other kids came over, and I had them stand around my table to watch one coin turn into ten. I did an improvised stand-up show until my colleague arrived. I made a dozen gumballs and a lemon pop out of my mouth to finish up my set. It was a riot. The father was laughing along with the kids at the back of the room. My colleague and I did another half hour of strolling magic as the kids gradually got picked up. Afterwards, the father thanked us for bringing real magic to the party and said he wished he'd hired us to begin.

When you hire Makoto, you get a 100% risk-free guarantee that your guests will enjoy delightful and magical entertainment!
MAKOTO doing street magic in Pasadena, CA
You got serious skills. It was a pleasure and honor watching you work
— Sal Piacente, Gambling Security Expert and Casino Consultant
An absolutely Fantastic Magical Performer!!! This guy is Amazing!...
— Mickey Silver, "The Hands of Las Vegas"
MAKOTO on Penn & Teller's Fool Us!
He makes cards disappear and end up in his shoe. He makes small rubber balls vanish and then takes them out of his mouth. He balances coins on the tip of each of his fingers making the shape of a flower. His tricks are the best I have ever seen a street performer do.
— Shirin Jaafari, a reporter for PRI
Makoto was so entertaining, funny, and mesmerizing! I highly recommend Makoto"
— Ron Tanji (first Google review)
I've known Makoto now for a few years. I first met him about 4 years back during one of his street performance shows. I was blown away at his magic, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He was so good at his craft and really funny while doing it, he left a lasting impression and I couldn't wait to see him again. I saw him perform one more time and was convinced that I wanted him to play a private show one day. Long story short!! I hired him to perform for my family and as usual, KILLED IT!!! It was a great show!!! My family really enjoyed his material. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again!!! Definitely worth it! To top everything off, Makoto is one of the nicest person I've ever met. Thanks Makoto!!!!


Makoto Halverson has a decade of professional experience performing thousands of magic shows all around the country. He has worked for a wide range of events, from exclusive Hollywood clubs and corporate mixers to anniversaries, haunted houses, and birthday parties. He has also been on the hit television show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us!

Makoto has been performing in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and the San Gabriel Valley areas for the last five years. Magicians and non-magicians alike clamor to see his amazing close-up magic.
With his background as a travelling performer, Makoto has developed an act that can be set up and broken down in seconds. Whatever space you have available, Makoto can be ready to start his show within minutes.

There's no need to set up a stage, banner, or backdrop. This means 1) more space for more guests or services 2) less stress figuring out how to fit the show into your party and 3) when the show is over, the props and table can vanish in a flash, letting the party continue seamlessly.
Makoto specializes in fast paced and interactive close up magic that highlights the wonders and mysteries of the human mind. Over the years and countless shows, he formed an act made of magic that could independently close shows. "All killer, no filler," as a fan of his once commented. He is considered the current "king of the street magicians," as the heir to the late Master Jim Cellini.

The Back Yard Magic Show is jam packed full of the most surprising and wonderful magic Makoto has learned—  from close-up magic happening in people's hands, to stand up magic that brings the house down at clubs and formal shows. It's "real magic" brought right to your party. Your guests will wonder how you found such awesome entertainment!

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