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Award-Winning, Comedy Mentalist Magician, Professor Phelyx is known for boggling minds with his hit demonstrations of mental fork-bending and spoon-bending, but allow us a moment to describe a few of the other tricks he has up his sleeve.

Imagine one of your guests being allowed to freely select a playing card the name of which has already been secretly and surprisingly written across the arm of a truly unwitting spectator!

Professor Phelyx can, in 60 seconds, cause someone to forget THEIR OWN FIRST NAME!


An audience member can select one of a few books, another can freely choose a page number, and yet another can pick a single word from that page effectively narrowing approximately 230,000 words down to one single word... Professor Phelyx already knows the word and his prediction is located in a fortified box that has been hanging in full view throughout the entire show!

That's not all! This prediction also reveals the names of the randomly selected audience member volunteers from this show... and even what they're wearing!

Professor Phelyx's signature effect of bending stainless steel forks, spoons, keys, and coins, in open air, completely surrounded by an audience that is less than two feet from him, remains a mystery that nets hundreds of emails from fans and magicians alike, offering money and favors for the secrets.


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Professor Phelyx is one of the top star entertainers at the prestigious Denver venue, Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret for the last 8 years!

Professor Phelyx is the first mentalist to have his own show purchased for a run at The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, one of the largest and most prestigious performing arts complexes in the world! The show, entitled PERCEPTION is scheduled to run in April, 2015.

Professor Phelyx is frequently a featured performer in several venues in Las Vegas, the entertainment capitol of the world!

Professor Phelyx can perform as a Stand-Alone, Featured Attraction but you should also be aware that you can book him for:

  • Table-to-table strolling entertainment (for intimate interactive experiences)
  • An Emcee / Master of ceremonies (with demonstrations of the impossible between sections of the presentation)
  • An awards presenter, a sales-team educator and motivator
  • Professional party guest
  • and more!

People never forget meeting Professor Phelyx.

Star of recent shows including
-PERCEPTION at The Denver Center for the Performing Arts
-A Gothic Folktale with Wonderbound Dance, Denver, CO
-Professor Phelyx and the World's Most Dangerous THING! Western U.S.A.
-Professor Phelyx From The Vest U.S.A. and Ireland
-WonderGround Las Vegas, NV
-Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret Denver, CO



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