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Earth Stones and their symbols are a simple and powerful way to receive guidance and get in touch with your intuitive self!  Symbols help serve as guideposts to wisdom and understanding.

Earth Stones are a practical way to enter the world of symbols. They will help you unlock your knowing and connection to guidance.



Earth Stones were developed by Chayo, an intuitive artist who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here is what she has to say about creating Earth Stones:

Through working with people over the years, I have heard this question many times: "How do I develop my intuition?"  Developing your intuition is like developing a muscle; it takes attention and practice.  Using tools like Earth Stones, Tarot cards, or Runes while quiet and centered assists you in your focus and helps open up your perceptions.  I have done many types of readings over the years.  These symbols came to me as practical wisdom and guidance anyone can use.  Enclosed are interpretations of the symbols.  As you work with them, allow your own intuition to add to the simple explanations given.  Try to stay neutral and unbiased, and play with what comes to you.