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The New Encyclopedia Of Stage Hypnotism

by Ormond McGill

Encylopedia Hypnosis Ormond McGill has produced this work, already highly acclaimed, which represents a lifetime spent in the field of hypnosis. It is clearly the most extensive and comprehensive work ever produced on stage hypnotism.

The book is divided into two parts: Mastering Hypnotism and Entertaining With Hypnotism. The first section gives a comprehensive background to and history of the subject together with an extensive description of how to use the power of suggestion. Over a hundred different methods of hypnotic induction are then described in detail.

The second section then describes in detail how to design, develop, and perform a modern hypnotic show, and includes extracts from some of the most successful shows ever performed around the world. Everything from the opening of the show to the best methods of advertising are covered. Also included are invaluable chapters on the business aspects of hypnotism and how to avoid lawsuits, along with important questions and answers about the subject of stage hypnosis.

Throughout the book, the language is clear and simple. The approach is practical and down-to-earth. Every detail of the inductions and the routines is included. Ormond totally demystifies the subject and, in his own inimitable style, leads us into his wonderful world of hypnosis.

 See a sample of the book here.

About the author:

Ormond McGill Ormond McGill is known worldwide as the Dean of American Hypnotists and is the author of the famous book Professional Stage Hypnotism. He is a magician and hypnotist of international reputation and has toured in many parts of the world with his exciting stage show - East Indian Miracles, The Seance of Wonders, South Sea Island Magic, and the Concert of Hypnotism.

Both an authority on hypnotism and a performer of note, he brings professional insight to his writings on the subject of hypnotism.




"The most extensive work yet published on the subject of stage hypnotism. Ormond, widely recognized in North America as the Dean of Stage Hypnotism has truly excelled himself in providing such a comprehensive work. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone contemplating acareer in this field and I would also recommend it to all those whowish to improve their skills. Truly a goldmine of knowledge."
Paul McKenna


"Ormond McGill has produced a masterwork on Stage Hypnotism...all inclusive of his previous work but with much new, up-to-date material added for today's mastery."
Gill Boyne, President,
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.


"This phenomenal work by the "Dean of American Hypnotists" has been out of print for over a decade. It is not only the most comprehensive book ever to be published on stage hypnotism, it also has widespread therapeutic applications as well. Now totally revised, I am convinced from my experience that there are large portions of the book that contain work never previously published. In it the author totally demystifies hypnosis and dispels many of the myths associated with it. I am confident that even the experienced practitioner of hypnosis will gain new skills from this important work."
Martin Roberts Ph.D.


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