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Bob Hartman - a one-of-a-kind perfomer, with a comedy wit loved by the most accomplished peers in the business.

Bob is a puppeteer. Bob is a story teller. Bob is a comedian.

Bob Hartman tells sophisticated and insightful anectdotes and stories from the perspective of the characters he creates. He is not a children's puppeteer, though children will laugh because of the physical comedy played out by the puppets. Bob Hartman's audience is the college student, the doctor, lawyer and the winery membership crowd.

Robin Williams loves Bob Hartman for his voice impersonations and the subtle inflections he uses with subtle vocal sound effects.

George Lucas loves Bob for the mechanical genius he puts into every puppet he builds in his Geppetto Puppet Shop, which is also his home.

Frank Oz (of Muppets Fame) simply loves Bob Hartman. When Frank was the president of the National Puppetry Guild, he always had Bob present to the cream-de-la-creme' of puppeteers that would come to national convention.

Bob Hartman is a one-of-a-kind performer. His insights and stand-up comedy delivered by multiple puppets in a black-art theater will make you wish you had a photographic memory so you could remember the one-liners he throws out throughout his performance.

Bob Hartman Wolfe Bone






Meet some of his cast:

Wolf tells you the difference beween cats and dogs and talks about the intellectual deficiencies of dogs in a tongue-in-cheek or sarcastic manor where dogs and cats are the victims and dog owners are made to laugh at themselves.

Baby talks about how foolish parents are and how humiliating it is to be dressed "like a poodle" and the difficulties and high expectations parents have of infants when thier eyes can't even focus yet, etc.

The Uggly Duckling is a twisted version of the classic tale with moments that fill in the gaps where you say to yourself "I never really knew the real story" of what actually happened that day in the forrest!

The race between the Tortiose and the Hair had a very different result, and the individual personalities of the two main characters are much different than you every dreamed, as told by Hartman.

Art Critics can be viscious people - and how an Artist perceives the critics opinion has many interpretations.

Doctors and medical procedures - are they always necessary? Hartman's views of the subject as told by a physician and nurse puppet performing surgery on a cow will leave you in stitches.

The "Establishment" and their rules that govern wildlife take on a clever and heart-warming comedic twist when you meet the Mr. Forrest Ranger and Baby Bear.




Bob Hartman's humor is stand-up comedy told by the characters he builds to tell the stories. Bob's puppets take hundreds of hours to build. They are rod puppets, hand puppets, his own invention called "thumpies" and a combination of all these amazing puppet techniques combined.

Not for the children, Bob is hired by clients who simply love this man and his amazing talents. Fellow performers and producers bring him along to exotic gigs because he is fascinating to work with and fun to spend time with. Bob Hartman is one of those Once-in-a-lifetime performers that when you see him, you know you want to see him over and over again. You never get tired of seeing his routines. Honestly, I, Alan Sands, have seen and worked with Bob Hartman and his Puppets all over the world, and I can't wait to sit through his show again.


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