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David Fisher is "The Rope Warrior." David lives in the Chicago area but he has been performing his interactive and visually entertaining jump rope show all over the world for the last 20 years.

Perfect for Fairs and Festivals, as a high-energy novelty act in a review show, for school assemblies, half-times and as a motivational keynote speaker; the Rope Warrior will hold the transfixed attention of all ages!

Career highlights include: Performances for Boris Yeltsin in Russia, and for Presidents Clinton and Bush. David has made over 100 national television appearances (see youtube link below) and currently hold two world records. Ripley's Believe It or Not! (He is in several of their books) recognizes him as The World's Best Rope Jumper, and he is scheduled to be nominated for induction into the Fitness Hall of Fame.

Fisher performs live for about 5000 school children/week throughout the school year as he brings his Ropenastics shows and workshops across the country. In addition to rope jumping, he just released a second family/kids CD.

Ropenastics: Rope Jumping in a New Dimension- a highly entertaining look at a great cardiovascular activity!

ROPENASTICS is a combination of rope jumping, rhythmic gymnastics, dance and martial arts. The Rope Warrior’s amazing repertoire includes such razzle-dazzle techniques as: glow-in-the-dark ropes; power jumping, where the rope passes under his feet up to four times per jump; jumping rope while sitting or lying on the floor (“tush-ups”); rope jumping versions of any dance step; and dribbling a ball with his feet while jumping rope – all to a background of energizing music. The interactive program also covers an explanation of the benefits of aerobic activities, a look at equipment and safety, and with help from audience members, demonstrates teamwork and cooperation. There is a short question and answer period at the end of the performance.

In addition to school assemblies, David also offers workshops where he stays all day and teaches P.E. classes. He bring the ropes for everyone to use, and you can double or triple-up classes (depending on the size of your gym) so that everyone can participate. (If we are outside for the workshops, David needs a flat area for participants, and everyone needs to be able to hear him. He recommends 30-45 minute workshops. Students of all ability levels LOVE the workshops. You hear a lot of "I DID IT!"s all day long.

Workshops can include: single rope tricks, partner jumping tricks, group tricks (traveling, long rope and double-dutch) He will mix in a lot of jumping and non-jumping skills so that no matter what level a student is at, they will have a lot of success.

There are many different themes that can be included in a Rope Warrior Show. These include:



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