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technical mixerDefinitions

  • ARTIST is the entertainer performing the show
  • PRODUCER is YOU, the person(s) requesting the services

Further Explanation:

A comedy hypnosis show is a visual act. The audience needs to hear and see the show clearly to fully enjoy it. Below is an optimum request list to make the performance experience the best it can be for all. Of course, ARTIST will always do the show to the best of his ability regardless of what the circumstances are.

Understanding Visibility:

If you are sitting in a chair and there are rows of people sitting in chairs in front of you, you cannot see over their heads to see the show unless the stage is raised high enough for you to see clearly. If you are sitting in a chair right now, note how high the top of your head is off the ground. This is how high the floor of the stage needs to be so an audience over 100 people can see clearly.

Any questions? Please, do not hesitate to ask.



An optimum performance space for a hypnosis show is 12' deep and 24' wide. This allows ARTIST to line up 12 chairs in a row on the stage and walk around the chairs safely so he can remain on the stage at all times.
There are three ways to see the show:

  • The show and the audience are on the same level.
  • The audience is raised above the show.
  • The show is raised on a stage above the audience.

If the ARTIST and the audience are both on the same level:

  • The audience can not be over 100 people in size if they sit in chairs to see the show.
  • If the audience sits on the floor (e.g. school shows) then everyone can see clearly because the performers are higher than the audience.

If the Audience is raised above the ARTIST (e.g. bleachers or lecture halls):

  • The audience can be any size.
  • Speakers need to be placed at a height that people can hear clearly.

If the ARTIST is on a stage, raised above the audience:

There are two types of stages to consider:

  • Small Stages - Small stages are only acceptable for audiences of less than 200 people. Visibility will be a problem if the stage is not raised high enough, or large enough for everyone to see clearly.
    • Small Stages do not need stairs if they are 18 inches or less off the ground. People can safely get onto and off the platform if the stage is less than 18 inches high.
    • If the platform is less than 12 feet deep and 24 feet wide, the stage must not be higher than 18 inches off the ground for safety and because the area around the stage will also be part of the space used to do the show.
  • Large Stages
    • Stairs are needed for easy audience access. Center-front are optimum, side-front are acceptable. The more stair cases and the easier the access from the audience to the stage is always better.
    • A stage should also be 3 – 4 feet off the ground if the audience is over 200 people, or the audience will not be able to see clearly.
    • The stage must be a minimum of 8 feet deep and 20 feet wide if raised over two feet off the ground.


Sound Technical Requirements

Sound for Alan Sands may differ from Sound for other hypnotists.

ALAN always brings the following sound equipment:

  • Two wireless microphone transmitters and receivers
    • One for his iPod used as ALAN's source of music, which he carries on him and does his own sound cues (Sennheiser Brand)
    • One for his handheld SM58 Microphone (Shure Brand)

OTHER HYPNOTISTS: Some bring wireless microphones, many do not. If you are using another hypnotist, (1) Please read your contract to see if he/she brings a wireless microphone. If they do not, please be prepared to supply him/her with a microphone and some method of plugging in an iPod, or you may need to supply a CD disc player.

If ALAN drives to your event ALAN brings his own sound system including:

  • Three (3) Mackie 450 speakers (built-in amplifier) suitable for an audience of 500-800
  • Speaker tripods

Susan Rosen & Mark King usually brings her own sound system and drives to most engagements.

Rusty Z will fly or drive. If he drives, he does bring a sound system.

ALL OTHER HYPNOTISTS: Please assume they will not bring a sound system with them unless you are specifically told they will bring a sound system with them in the contract/agreement.


If the ARTIST (Alan or other hypnotist) flies to your event, the ARTIST needs the following to be supplied by the PRODUCER, including:

  • Main speakers, so the audience can hear the show clearly
  • Tripods are recommended so that speakers do not need to be placed on the stage floor
    • Speakers on the stage floor can obstruct a clear view of the show
  • Monitor speakers, so people on the stage can hear clearly
    • This allows main speakers to be placed so the audience can hear them the best
    • If a monitor is NOT supplied, the sound heard on stage is the sound bouncing off the rear wall of the room, which is muffled and distorted
    • Stage monitor speakers are extremely important!
  • Amplifiers for the stage monitors and main speakers, speaker wires and tripods


Understanding Speaker Placement

Sound system speakers need to be high enough off the floor that the sound travels over the heads of the first few rows of people. Sound does not travel through obstacles. Imagine that the speakers are light bulbs. You want the light to hit everyone.

Speakers built into the ceiling of convention centers and meeting rooms are NOT acceptable! They cannot handle music, speaking, and vocal sound effects at the same time. They are to small and they always distort and are not clear sounding. They are not made for performance, they are designed for background music and announcements, not a show. This type of speaker will always distort and the show will be far less successful if you insist upon relying on them.
Note that movie theaters don't use this type of speaker; rather, they use professional sound system speakers so the show can be heard clearly as intended.


Sound Requirements: Instructions for DJs

Provide these instructions to any DJ who is expected to supply the sound system for the event:



Alan carries two wireless microphone receivers. Both have XLR and 1/4" outputs. One is for a hand-held mic, The other is for an iPod Alan carries with him on stage so he can do his own sound cues. The iPod is connected to a lavalier/guitar/headset-type transmitter in his back pocket. Alan can and will use the DJs handheld wireless microphone as his mic with no complaint if the mixer only has two inputs.


Main Speakers

All Hypnotists needs the main speakers placed on the sides and at the front edge of the stage, 28 feet apart from each other - similar to the way a band would place the speakers: This way the sound is coming from the entire stage area and the Hypnotist and the volunteers can be between the speakers without causing microphone feed-back.


Stage Monitor

Hypnotists requires at least one stage monitor to fill the stage with a separate sound than the sound coming from the main speakers. It is important that the hypnotist be able to adjust the monitor volume independently (when possible) of the main speakers. The monitor serves to fill the stage with sound other than the sound bouncing off the wall to the rear of the theater. The Hypnotist and the volunteers get a sound mix first hand, not second hand.


Sound Operation

When possible Alan prefers to have access to the mixer - set to one-side of the stage - so he can adjust the volume levels of the monitors himself. Other Hypnotists may require a sound person to do music cues for them. Please talk to the Hypnotist to determine where the mixer should be placed. If the DJ is attending to the sound, then please let the Hypnotist can talk to the DJ and the DJ can adjust the levels for the Hypnotist, but it is sometimes just as easy for the Hypnotist to reach over and tweak a volume knob when needed. It looks bad if the Hypnotist has to talk to the sound man in the middle of the show and some sound cues are very tight, and whereas the DJ does not know the Hypnotists act well enough to do that cue on quick notice, Alan and many other Hypnotists finds it easier to reach over, adjust the volume, adjust it back - and it's done.


Performance Space

A Hypnosis Show needs to be a clear 12 x 24 area so as to line up 12 chairs in a row and walks around these chairs throughout the performance.


The Mixer

Does the DJ using a real mixer (also called a sound board) or a Disco Mixer? Disco Mixers rarely have monitor outputs and often times they do not have two microphone inputs. Alan will bring a Mackie 802 Mixer with him. Alan can accept XLR or 1/4" Speaker outputs from the mixer which he can then plug directly into the DJs powered speakers by unplugging the speakers from the DJs mixer and plugging them into his Mackie Mixer; or Alan can plug the amplifier into his mixer if the speakers are not powered speakers. Alan does not bring cables with him. If Alan needs to bring cables with him when he flies and is plugging into a DJs system, it is very important Alan speak to the DJ in advance so he can communicate directly with the DJ to learn what he needs to bring.