Alan Sands Entertainment


Daniel and Kimberly Craig



Hand-balancing, hula hoops, cyr wheel, fire juggling, hand-to-hand acrobatics and naturally- a TON of laughs.



It's a perfect mix of the modern circus while still maintaining a huge amount of accessibility, spontaneity and fun that works everywhere- from the stages of the worlds biggest theatres to fairs, festivals, cruise ships and corporate events!

Two award-winning performers with over forty years of combined worldwide performance experience, Daniel and Kimberly are proud to bring immense energy to any stage with non-stop, high energy, upbeat circus entertainment!

“They combined top-notch circus skills, improv, danger and comedy into one fast-paced show that left their audiences breathless. Every
show Dan and Kim perform is met with 150% of their energy no matter if it’s the first show of the day or the last show of the day.”
- Michele Schroder, Entertainment Director, Waterloo Busker Carnival

Daniel and Kimberley CraigYou may have seen them at any of the events below:
Busan International Comedy Festival (Busan, South Korea)
Ottawa International Busker Fest (Ottawa, Canada)
Headliner Act for Princess Cruise Lines (Worldwide)
Red River Exhibition (Winnipeg, Canada)
World Buskers Festival (Christchurch, NZ)
Look Both Ways Street Arts Festival (Washington, DC, USA)
Linz Pflasterspektakle (Linz, Austria)
Mood Indigo Culture Fest (Mumbai, India)
Pohang Bada Performing Arts Festival (Pohang, South Korea)
Heaven Artists Street Series (Tokyo, Japan)
Modi'in International Circus Festival (Modi'in, Israel)
Ansan Street Arts Festival (Ansan, South Korea)
Villach Strassenkunstler Festival (Villach, Austria)
... and many, many more!