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Renée Mak

Renée Mak is a multi-disciplinary circus artist and creative extraordinaire based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Unlike so many circus artists out there, she started her circus journey late at the age of 22. Despite a great desire to learn dance, gymnastics, and diving, she grew up in a culture that greatly discourages creative endeavors and had no background in any sort of movement or creative realms. What started as a means to lose weight became an empowering, artistic journey that has become an integral part of her identity. 

​Through tenacity, hard work, and the gracious support, encouragement, and inspiration of so many – she has become the artist that she is today. For Renée, the circus is an empowering medium to explore movement, femininity, sexuality, comedy, and other themes.

Renée is one of the principles of the all-female circus collective, Karma & Shame.


Hula hoops


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