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Reuben DotDotDot is a multi-award-winning blend of smooth sippin' comedy and acrobatic finesse. Reuben's quick wit and unique style was first distilled on the streets of Melbourne and has been refined over 17 years performing at festivals, events, circus and streets around the world. So enjoy neat, or on the rocks wherever you find good entertainment.



  • Chinese pole specialist- Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco
  • 2nd- Street Performance World Championships, Dublin, Cork
  • Winner- People's Choice 2013/2014, Vancouver Buskers' Festival
  • Winner- People's Choice 2013, Victoria Buskers' Festival
  • Winner- People's Choice 2013, Halifax Buskers' Festival
  • Winner- People's Choice 2013/2014, Port Credit Buskers Festival
  • Winner- People's Choice 2014 Toronto Scotiabank Buskerfest
  • Winner- Jury's pick 2015 Open Flair Bochum, Germany 

Well Balanced

Pushing the limits beyond upside down! An acrobatic handstand stunt show with style. Bringing you more skill, thrill and overkill... Putting a hat on with his feet, balanced, precariously, perched on one hand high in the air, this show is spectacular, unforgettable, inverted, and above all: WELL BALANCED!



Performed with traditional styled circus "Circo Gran Fele" Valencia, Spain.
Working for a small traditional circus in Valencia, Spain, I participated in all facets of traditional
circus work. I learned to speak Spanish, prop design, stage management, self-directed work,
choreography, bump in- bump-out, and working as a team to get the show on the road.



Performed as the "Chinese Pole Specialist "for Cirque Du Soleil for 'Saltimbanco.'
Excelling as a specialist artist in the world's most well-known circus allowed me
to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment with co-workers from all around the world.
As issues emerged during or before shows, performers and the production crew worked as a
team to make changes on the fly to ensure that the 'show must go on!'.

Skill: Handbalancing, Hat Manipulation, Whips, Pole, unique acrobatics on one kind prop. Can Be verbal with music or silent to music.


Advocate and liaison for open community public spaces and the legality of street performing in Melbourne and Europe. Working with street performers to assess the needs of the group and liaising with institutions for public space management to ensure best outcomes for each group within site-specific guidelines

2nd in Street Performance World Championship, Dublin, Cork

Chinese pole specialist for Cirque du Sol"il "Saltimb"nco"

Winner Peoples Choice 2013 & 2014, Vancouver Buskers Festival

Winner Peoples Choice 2013, VictoBusker'ser's Festival

Winner Peoples Choice 2013, Halifax Buskers Festival

Winner Peoples Choice 2013 & 2014, Port Credit Buskers Festival

Winner Peoples Choice 2014 Toronto Scotiabank Buskerfest