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How It All Came Together

historyThe Tesseract Troupe (otherwise called Tesseract) is an eclectic group of unique entertainers and performance groups that includes most of Canada’s premier variety and specialty acts of distinction.

Many members of The Tesseract Troupe are Canada’s elite. Some are former Cirque du Soleil performers while others are award-winning magicians and jugglers. They are a carefully sought out gathering of the very best and outstanding acts in their respective disciplines. They work together, producing variety shows for entertainment venues from large casinos to small remote communities, where at times they may be the only entertainment available for an entire year.

The Tesseract Troupe is now accompanied regularly by symphonies in major U.S. cities, and they perform in exhibitions for fairs, festivals, colleges, and more.

Originally, the troupe consisted of only a husband and wife team, Peter Boulanger and Ninon Parent, who met while working as acrobats, touring the United States as part of the first cast of Cirque du Soleil.

A year later they created their one-of-a-kind signature acrobatic structure, which they called “The Tesseract”, and have since toured the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe presenting their unique comedy balancing act and acrobatic skill. As they became internationally recognized very quickly, they have remained in demand.

Only one year after the Tesseract duo was formed, Alan Sands Entertainment began getting them work for company events, including Oracle and Tesseract Software Company, and an extended contract at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center in Florida. From this contract came a close friendship and trust between Tesseract and ASE that has continued throughout this fourteen year working relationship.

In 1997 the birth and creation of The Tesseract Troupe came to fruition when they began to expand their troupe to form an entire variety show. They form and shape the show to fit most any venue - whether a dirt arena or a state-of-the-art performing arts theater, a show at an amusement park with the audience surrounding them in a field, or on a sidewalk’s crosswalk, or in the middle of a gymnasium during a half-time show.

Most recently, Tesseract has begun performing shows accompanied by an entire symphony, with the show choreographed to the orchestra’s custom musical arrangements.

The Tesseract Troupe has been so successful performing in the United States that over the years they have been consistently invited to return to many of the same entertainment venues, as well as new locations being scheduled for the 2007-2008 touring season.

The Troupe presents a variety show production that includes acrobats, aerialists and aerial silk acts, hand-to-hand balancing acts, trapeze artists, contortionists, magicians, mime artists, illusionists, ventriloquists and puppeteers, jugglers and comedians, all coming together to present an unforgettable show.

These professional performers have dedicated their lives to making people laugh, or bringing audiences to places of mystery, fantasy, and mind-boggling experience in suspension and illusion, with the mind’s-eye engulfed in “the moment of now,” the ecstasy of what entertainment does for the soul.