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I have put over 1500 hypnosis shows I have done since 2004 on Vimeo. I (1) rent or (2) sell individual copies and I (3) rent or (4) sell entire libraries of shows. NOTE: Since 2018, many of the shows include my girlfriend, Misty Knight, and I doing two-person shows.
NOTE: Different types of libraries repeat the same shows over and over again. (i.e., if you acquire the '2017 Library' and the 'High School Library' you will find all the high schools I did in 2017 in both libraries.)
Videos by annual collections:
Videos available by subject:
NOTE: This library includes the Glastonbury Festival 2018 & 2019
We run "The SandMan's Stage Hypnosis Bootcamp" for aspiring stage hypnotists.
This collection contains excerpts from shows, breaking down the different parts of a show. I put in other people's shows as well as a few full length shows --